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15th March 2011

The Ipad - How To Get One For Free

The apple Ipad is an exciting new tablet computer that was released in 2010. Unlike other more expensive apple notebooks, the ipad is actually affordable and just as powerful. With wifi capability, an amazing high definition camera and many more awesome...

22nd December 2009

How To Stick To A Diet And Make It Work For You

Starting a diet is generally pretty easy. There are so many to choose from that anyone is likely to find one to fit their current lifestyle. Sticking to a diet is another story. In our fast-paced society we often expect immediate results and unfortunately...

27th November 2009

Calorie Shifting - A Foolproof Diet

If you are looking for a fool proof diet to shed off a couple of pounds, then keep reading. A breakthrough new diet called calorie shifting is becoming more and more popular as people young and old are seeing amazing results. The idea behind it is simple ...

29th October 2009

Raise Your Metabolism With Calorie Shifting

The one thing that most modern diets have in common is the goal of raising your metabolism. By changing the amount of food you eat or changing your actual eating patterns, your metabolism is often affected. Calorie shifting is slightly different. It focus...