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27th October 2009

Never Pay Money to Become a Mystery Shopper

If you love to shop or eat out you may have been tempted by websites and unsolicited emails claiming that you can earn money as an undercover shopper. Sometimes unscrupulous mystery shopping promoters try to tempt people by offering meals at prestigious r...

27th October 2009

Top Tips For Mystery Shoppers

Mystery shopping will require that you make lots of observations and remember or record much information. You will have to do this all without it being obvious that you're doing a mystery shop - this will get easier with practice! For new and experienced ...

27th October 2009

Mystery Shopping FAQs

New to secret shopping or thinking of signing up to a service? Read our FAQs for answers to common questions you may be asking. Hopefully after reading the tips below you will find yourself much more informed and feeling ready to take on your first assign...