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06th July 2009

2012 - Electromagnetic interference: a new murderer!

Every 11 years violent storms on the surface of the Sun cause massive amounts of energy - in the form of protons and electrons - to be thrown out into space. After a few days, this energy reaches our planet, interferes with the planet's magnetic field and...

28th June 2009

2012 - Basic Tools You Need To Survive 2012

We are talking here about killing devices to hunt and to protect yourself. When the electricity and all current technologies are gone, people will need to use some primitive techniques to survive. KILLING DEVICES There are several killing devices that...

26th June 2009

2012 - The Earth is Changing...soon

So maybe we should start this with a slap against your head. It has been so difficult speaking to the living dead. We all appreciate Al Gore's movie the "Inconvenient Truth" for the information it has brought to the masses. Although there might be other...

29th May 2009

2012 Awakening and Global Cataclysm

Magnetic fields have an influence on our psyche. Or the magnetic field of the Earth is fluctuating, as scientists say, in a range of values, reaching even very low values (as before shifting polarity of the poles). There have been several inversions of th...

07th May 2009

{FIRSTNAME}, how can you recognize the signs of an upcoming Polar Shift?

From our previous article you learned that a polar shift or even reversal is inevitable. The big question remains, how do we know when the cycle has started and the polar shift is to happen right then? There are many signs to interpret when this massive...

01st May 2009

Polar shift in 2012: fact or fiction?

Earth has known several polar shifts in the past, and future polar shifts are inevitable. The question that boggles everybody is "when will it happen again?". Now scientists have concluded that magnetic poles are about to shift or even reverse itself yet...