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18th June 2015

Types of websites that may require dedicated hosting

Often there is a difficult decision to be made as to the type of web hosting required for a website. The main decision here is whether to opt for shared hosting or dedicated hosting. This articles looks into some of the factors and type of websites that m...

20th September 2012

Mobile Device Security

Mobile devices have become increasingly popular over the last ten to fifteen years. The number of mobile phone users exploded in the late nineteen-nineties and the early two-thousands and these days the vast majority of people own a mobile phone. More rec...

26th March 2012

The Impact of the Budget on Families

Amid much debate the 2012 budget has been announced by the Chancellor George Osborne. The big headlines are the income tax changes including the increase in personal allowance, a decrease in the additional tax rate and changes to the tax paid by pensioner...

05th December 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Central London and Commuting

If you are working in London should you live in the City itself, or live further outside commuting to and from work every day? Much of the decision comes down to personal preference, but this article covers some of the advantages and disadvantages of both...

15th November 2011

VoIP: Price not the only important consideration

VoIP is generally cheaper than other types of voice communications, such as the telephone, and this has led to increasing numbers switching to VoIP. The running costs are cheaper for providers meaning they are able to offer a more cost effective service t...

26th September 2011

Charitable Giving by Nation

It is not easy to establish which countries give more to charity as there are so many ways of giving. Some give money will others contribute time and assistance to good causes. Some countries give a lot to charity through governments and other schemes whi...

15th August 2011

The Cost of VoIP

VoIP has a reputation as a cheap alternative to using a regular telephone. The cost of VoIP, though, can vary a great deal depending on the type of service. Why Is VoIP Sometimes Cheaper? Unlike regular telephone companies, VoIP is free from govern...

29th June 2011

UK Parenting and Family Trends

Over recent times there have been many changes in the way that families work. Families come in many shapes and sizes these days. There are married couples with or without children, cohabiting couples with or without children, and single parents. Famil...

31st March 2011

The Difficulties of International Divorce

International divorces can be difficult. If you are going through a divorce and living in a different country to your partner there are many complexities. The Practicalities Being in different countries will make all issues around the divorce that ...

21st March 2011

How Can Small Businesses Benefit From VoIP?

VoIP used to be unreliable and not suitable for business. The quality is now much improved though, and therefore businesses are able to consider using VoIP as an alternative to traditional telephony. Small businesses can particularly benefit from the serv...

09th February 2011

How does Legal Separation differ from Divorce?

Legal separation is where a married couple legally separate without getting divorced. During this legal process decisions regarding children (such as custody, visitation rights and maintenance payments) and financial issues (such as debt, mortgages and as...

11th January 2011

The Factors in a Divorce Settlement

Divorce can be a stressful process with many issues needing to be resolved. Of course, some are more complex than other. If the couple have children together and own property the process of deciding who is entitled to what can be long and drawn out, where...

04th January 2011

Kuwaiti Customs

Kuwaiti culture and customs have become less rigid and more like Western cultures over the years. However, the culture is still generally traditional. Some Kuwaiti’s expect visitors to behave to their customs while others accept that they may not understa...

14th December 2010

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-parenting after a Divorce

Divorce is hard and can be made even harder when you have children. No parent wants to be away from their kids, something that is the case for many divorced parents. For some co-parenting is the best option. Co-parenting is where children live with each p...

03rd November 2010

Can Divorce be a Positive?

We generally get a negative picture of divorce. We hear stories of broken families and broken hearts, of children devastated by the break up the parents, and of financial woe in the years following. Many people find divorce and its aftermath difficult but...