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12th June 2009

Get a foothold in showbiz through John Robert Powers Acting School

John Robert Powers, an established name in the showbiz industry works in tandem with modelling agencies and casting directors from the well-established hubs of entertainment like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Run by the best in the business, th...

07th June 2009

John Robert Powers - Acting Classes to get you going

Selecting the very best is quite effortless when you know it is your child whose future is at stake. Coming in this league will be John Robert Powers, an institution where your child learns all those nuances which are required to make it big in the world ...

07th June 2009

John Robert Powers – The Right Acting Classes for your Child

Almost every child dreams of becoming an actor when he grows up. And, as a parent, it is your responsibility to help your kid realize his dreams. The best thing you can do for him is getting him enrolled in child acting classes. When it comes to grooming ...

04th June 2009

Get the best out of your kid by enrolling him in acting classes for children

During summer time, acting workshops and classes can be an ideal way for children to remain occupied. Moreover, such acting classes for children will surely present them with an opportunity to nurture, discover and explore their skills and talents. Ex...

18th May 2009

Acting Classes – Choose the Best for your Kids

You don't have a clue how to keep your kids occupied during the summer break? Well, here's a hint. Just go ahead and get them enrolled in acting classes. These classes will give them ample opportunities to discover, nurture and explore their own potential...

18th May 2009

Can Acting classes bring out the hidden potential of your kids?

The entertainment industry is quite a challenging one and it goes without saying all adults, teens, and kids need a well-rounded acting program which can truly bring all their hidden potential and talent outside. Often requiring guidance from a profession...

18th May 2009

Get your Children Enrolled in Acting Classes

It's vacation time and you don't have any idea as to how to keep your children occupied! Well, the answer is simple; just go ahead and get them enrolled for acting classes. With every class, they will get ample opportunities to discover, nurture and explo...

06th May 2009

Young Teens get themselves enrolled into Acting Classes

During their growing years, a number of young adults and teens express their interest in acting and a whole other lot of vocational skills. At this point, parents should sit up and pay heed to their child's desires and even encourage them further to make ...

17th April 2009

Get your Kids to Hone their Skills at Acting Classes and Workshops

Starting early can make all the difference if you want to get discovered in the showbiz industry. A feat that has became a tad easier with a huge number of acting institutes mushrooming up almost anywhere and everywhere. These institutes have turned into ...

16th April 2009

Get your Child into Showbiz through Modeling and Acting Classes

I am sure all of us have always dreamt about making it big in life; getting on to a higher pedestal and stepping into the shoes of our role models and icons. However, such dreams have always fallen short due to lack of proper guidance and counselling. Wel...