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01st September 2009

Beauty Tips

Everyone wants to look the absolute best they can, that's completely natural. But how can you improve your appearance and make your face look beautiful? Well there are a few tips and solutions that you can use. Clean One of the most important things is ...

29th July 2009

Make Up Training

Women always want to look their best, appearance is very important. Even though we are all told that we should never judge a book by its cover, many women are still obsessed with making themselves look as beautiful as possible. This is because our society...

28th June 2009

Bridal Hair & Makeup in Sydney

Your wedding day should be the most special day in your life, and that's why it's so important that everything is perfect. Planning your wedding will have taken you at least a few months, if not years to do. You have had to do everything, including choosi...

04th June 2009

Professional Make Up Artistry and Hair Styling

Hair is very important as it can change quite a lot about your appearance. It's amazing just how much something as simple as a haircut can change how you look. If you've had the same hairstyle for some time then you might want to consider changing it and ...

09th April 2009

A Beautiful You - Hair & Make Up Tips

Although we are all brought up being told that it's what inside that counts, we're all very interested in our appearance. Women especially want to make sure that they look at their best whenever they set foot outside the door. Some of my friends won't eve...