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06th October 2009

The T-Mobile Pulse is an eclectic mix of style and features

The T-Mobile Pulse is the latest rendition from T-Mobile. With a spate of similar models, this handset is looking to capitalise on the desire for PDA style phones within the current mobile phone market. It doesn't disappoint. The handset feels comfortable...

17th September 2009

The Vodafone 533 Violet is simply the best

The Vodafone 533 Violet is the latest incarnation of the 533 from Vodafone. It is a colour variation which is proving popular with the general public. It also helps that it comes with a whole host of features which make it a useful mobile phone as well. F...

17th September 2009

The impressive Sony Ericsson Yari is due anytime now

The Sony Ericsson Yari is one of the latest phones to come out of the Sony Ericsson stable. This phone is a detailed and defined unit which offers plenty of functionality and form to please anyone. The unit is expected to be released in September and is l...

17th September 2009

Musical interludes with the Sony Ericsson W995

The Sony Ericsson W995 is a phone which is aimed at providing entertainment to the masses. The unit is a well styled and innovative mobile phone which has numerous features. However its main element is the Walkman player which has a variety of functions a...

17th September 2009

The Sony Ericsson K330 offers budget pricing

The budget priced Sony Ericsson K330 offers simple and unadulterated functionality. From its stylish exterior through to its range of features, the phone is a nice example of what can be achieved in the phone market for little cost. Aimed at the budget or...

17th September 2009

The Samsung Blade is an invigorating phone

The Samsung Blade is a functional mobile phone with many outstanding features. It offers a huge array of functions as well as a consistent and appealing design. The handset is 102 mm x 54 mm and is 12 mm thick. The unit weighs 92 grams. The handset is com...

17th September 2009

The Nokia N97 is a handset with a difference

The Nokia N97 smacks of sophistication and grandeur. It is a compact and nimble little handset which packs a real punch in the function arena. The phone is one in a long line of handsets from the renowned Nokia stable and this one seems to be ticking all ...

17th September 2009

The HTC Hero Pink is a force to be reckoned with

The pink version of the HTC Hero is a vibrant colour variant that is turning heads. It is full of functionality whilst still looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The design is well thought out with effective use of available space an element of the ...

17th September 2009

Affordability is the key with the ASUS P320

Budget phones are making a comeback, in a move to counter the expense of having the latest technology at your fingertips, Asus are offering the ASUS P320. This smart phone offers a wealth of functions but at a price that is more affordable than many on th...

17th September 2009

The iconic Apple iPhone 3G S 32GB is a must see phone

The Apple iPhone 3G S 32GB is a phone which seems to have universal appeal. THe Apple logo seems to attract a growing band of loyal followers. Having studied the phone it is not difficult to see why. Apart from its stylish design, which is typically Apple...

18th August 2009

The Acer M900 Tempo offers something different

Acer has accomplished quite a feat of technological engineering within the Acer M900 Tempo. Apart from the numerous functions and features encased within a superbly stylish and appealing case, is the fact that this handset offers fingerprint recognition. ...

18th August 2009

HTC offer the unrivalled HTC Hero Black

The HTC Hero Black caters for every whim. With a balance and stylish outer casing which encompasses a huge variety of functions, the phone delivers performance where it matters. The display screen is large and colourful and allows simple and uncluttered a...

18th August 2009

The stunning LG BL40 offers a widescreen display

The LG BL40 is an interesting and impressive mobile phone. It consists of a variety of unusual features which makes it even more appealing. One of its key features is its elongated display screen which provides a wide screen view of images. This adds to t...

18th August 2009

The all encompassing LG GC900 Viewty Smart Silver offers delights

The LG GC900 Viewty Smart Silver is an accomplished mobile phone with an excellent pedigree. Its full of functions and is relatively compact considering the screen takes up the majority of the front panel of the phone. The handset measures 108mm x 56mm wi...

18th August 2009

The Nokia 2323 Classic offers excellent functionality at a budget price

Nokia offer a huge range of mobile phones. Their ethos seems to be to try to offer a phone for every person and situation available. From budget phones such as the Nokia 1661 through to their high specification phones such as the recently released N97. Th...