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05th July 2010

ShoreTel Compatible Audio Conference Bridge on a Plug Server?

The Sheevaplug computer is an amazing appliance! Think of the applications you could create on this 3 watt PC often confused as a wall transformer by the uninitiated. In fact I have a bunch of "wall warts" under foot for a variety of electronic devic...

04th January 2010

New family of ShoreTel SG voice enabled switches!

ShoreTel has a family of new media gateways. The more interesting switches are referred to as SGV switches. There is an SG50V and an SG90V that differ only in the number of FXO and FXS ports that they support. What makes these switches (i.e. media gateway...

04th January 2010

Get The Most out of your ShoreTel Communications System

ShoreTel Training for Small Businesses There are many incredible services available to help small businesses with ShoreTel training for their ShoreTel communications system. With all of the great opportunities for businesses to have one-on-one support ...

04th January 2010

ShoreTel Legacy Integraiton: ShoreTel as Voice Mail!

One of the more interesting aspects of PBX system installation in general and ShoreTel in particular, is the subject of Legacy PBX integration. There are a variety of reasons that a new ShoreTel installation might need to integrate with the old, in place ...

19th August 2009

Analog lines in the 21st Century?

Getting old is a pain in the neck! Literally and figuratively! I am trying to figure out the benefits of getting older and I am not coming up with a very long list. You built a library of experience; I guess that must count for something. There is...

19th August 2009

What is all the Hub about?

So you can't get any help from the IT department getting a private printer connected to your office PC. So what do you do? You run down to your local favorite "we sell cheap computer stuff" store and buy a "hub" or "usb multiplier" or something that loo...

19th August 2009

How to get your iPhone running SIP on your ShoreTel IPBX!

If you are and iPhone aficionado, you absolutely want your iPhone to work on your ShoreTel IPBX! I recently downloaded VeNetCorps SipPhone from the iPhone App store! There are several SIP phone apps at the store, but most have a pre-programmed domain name...

06th June 2009

VoIP PBX System Creates Incredible Opportunities for Businesses

Cutting costs, increasing professional image and remaining competitive can be overwhelming. The solution is very simple as it is found in tour telephone line. Your phone system is your first interaction with a potential client. First impressions can a...

02nd April 2009

Businesses Benefit from New ShoreTel SIP Phone Features

Companies that have been begging for a seamless VoIP connectivity experience will appreciate new SIP phone software from ShoreTel that makes the process of taking a SIP much easier than every before. This native SIP support will allow businesses the flexi...