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26th April 2009

Ultimate Xbox 360 – The Power within You

Are you enjoying your Xbox? Do you want to have your own back-up of original xbox 360 games, or simply you want to download a back up copy of your xbox games. And also who wants to be an expert in xbox in 360 modifications. Why is that most of us enjo...

17th April 2009

Forex Ambush 2.0 - An Artificial Intelligence on Forex Trading

Forex is known as the largest market in the world in terms of total cash value traded. Many are not interested in earning through Forex Trading; some are not really interested on how this works. But almost everyone knew that you can have success joining ...

15th April 2009

Me and my Sigma Camera Lens

I have a Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 EX DC Macro HSM which i just bought last week and to tell anyone honestly I liked it a lot. I mainly used this camera lens as a standard zoom for my Nikon D40 because it covers all focal lengths I usually use for indoor shootin...

07th April 2009

Selecting a Perfect Camera Lens for Your Digital Camera

How does a camera lens help your camera in any way? Simply put camera lens provides help in your digital or film camera in providing high quality image resolution result. Without a camera lens your favourite or artistic camera shoot will never have that d...

04th April 2009

Advantage and Disadvantages of Third Party Camera Lenses

So let us start first what is a third party camera lens, a third party camera lens is one that has been developed by a different company in which you are using of a different brand of camera. For example you are using a Nikon or Canon Camera, and then you...

30th March 2009

Why I use Sigma Macro Lens

In my profession as a photographer, I rely on the materials I have, the camera and the lens. Currently I am using Nikon D80 and the lens I have is Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 EX DC Macro HSM which I am really fond of. I want to discuss about this lens in particul...

27th March 2009

Photography in Conserving History

Everyone loves to take photos. When you take photos it defines something within you. It serves as a remembrance on your history in which you can laugh, cry, or simply makes you smile. And within this history a photograph provides a glimpse of what has h...

17th March 2009

Basics of becoming a Photographer

Let's face it anyone can shoot a camera and take pictures but not everyone knows the proper or basic camera details. Basically what does a photographer need? When taking photos you simply need a Camera either film camera or digital camera. Let's say...

17th March 2009

Why Choose Digital Camera?

We all have our own opinion regardless of camera we had or we want to purchase. But I want to provide you my idea on why you must have a digital camera either using it for professional photography, collecting camera or just for the love of taking photos. ...