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09th June 2009

Learn Latin Dance with the Experts

How do you feel when you see the stars dancing on the floor? Tempting right! Yes, dancing has always incited people's mind and body. Instead of just wishing and regretting later in life of why you did not dance, you can always take up dancing classes wi...

05th June 2009

Rekindle Your Life with the Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dancing is a dance enjoyed around the world both socially and competitively. It is a set of partner dance where one person leads the other to follow the steps. Previously, Ballroom dancing was mainly reserved for the rich or for the older generat...

15th May 2009

Learn Quran online

To learn and read Quran abroad is something that most people finds very hard especially when you cannot find an experience tutor. Learning Quran abroad can be easy if you find an expert tutor however, when getting them is hard enough then learning Quran...

22nd March 2009

Headset Market Soaring High

The headset market is evolving rapidly. Traditionally, headsets were used almost exclusively in contact centres handling large call volumes. But as technology advances and becomes more interactive, headset manufacturers have had to realign their businesse...

22nd March 2009

Take your meetings to the next level with high definition video conferencing

High definition video conferencing has the potential to revolutionise the way businesses arrange and conduct their meetings. Providing crystal clear sound and sharp, high definition video images to match, video conferencing has never been more authentic, ...