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16th September 2009

A fashionable braid style

Hairstyle is something that should be suitable for your face cutting and personal style statement. There are number of face cuttings like diamond face cutting, pear shaped face, heart shaped face, rectangular face cutting, round face and also oval face. E...

07th September 2009

Men’s total hair care

Here we will be discussing on the total hair care for men. Shampooing- shampooing is very important thing in your daily hair care routine. You should not avoid this. Daily or with one-day interval shampoo your hair. It is very healthy and relaxing. It ...

07th September 2009

Choosing a hair removing technique

Electrolysis: among so many permanent methods of unwanted hair removing this method is called electrolysis. Other two permanent hair-removing methods are laser and prescribed cream use. In this technique electrical current is passed into the hair follicle...

05th September 2009

Counter the untimely graying of hair

Our hair is our mirror of personality and the base of our confidence. If any kind of abnormalities invaded to this not most prominent pert of our body anatomy we become concern about that factor the most. One of these problems is graying of hair follicles...

30th August 2009

Health tips for the betterment of the health and look of the hair

Our hair is a complex composition especially made of proteins. And among the proteins it keratin that is what our hair is mostly made of. Structurally our hair is like the scales on the skin of a fish. It looks like the overlapping of the scales as we can...

03rd August 2009

Straighten up your hair and have a gorgeous look

Having a curly hair can be a great styling, but in spite of that it is also true that curly hair can sometimes become really troublesome. Therefore most of the women having curls tend to turn their curls into a straight hair look. Not only that it gives a...

26th July 2009

Better hair care regimen for the better of your hair

May be whatever hair type you have or whatever styling you do with it, nothing is complete or can look if your hair isn't healthy. And for a better healthy and steady growing hair it is essential to follow some good hair care regimen and take more care ab...

28th June 2009


Hair nutrition is a must thing to follow to get a gorgeous hair. The root of getting a beautiful hair is the basic nutrition of your hair and that can be got from the taking proper care of your hair. Hair care is a vast list of doing and do not doing some...

23rd June 2009

The best and safest hair straightening with tourmaline plates

The longing for turning curly hair straight has brought in the invention of hair straightener. And with the flow of time it has raised to the height of the most popular hair styling tool. With the progress of science and technology this styling tool got n...

18th June 2009

Have a great styling along with your monsoon hair care

The rainy season is knocking at the door and its time for having some extra care for the hair, as the monsoon is not really a good friend for your tresses. This is the time when you are going to face problems like limpness, greasiness and hair fall. The e...

15th June 2009

Comfortable Hairstyling In The Summer Heat

The summer sun is our prime enemy of our skin and hair. It is our main concern that we are always carrying a sun block cream with us. You are going to a personal spa or anywhere but at home and with some prearrangement you can block the perilous heat of s...

11th June 2009

Get an image makeover with a hair straightener

The commonly used techniques for both women and men to get an image makeover are through hair straightening. You ultimately feel confident about yourself when you have a good hairstyle and you look completely different from how look normally. Generally, w...

06th June 2009

Hair accessories fit for every occasion

From historical time adorning hairs with beautiful hair accessories has become a special part of women's beauty list. In every civilization we can have the instances of using different kind of hair ornaments and jewelry and not only jewelry but also natur...

05th June 2009

A few tips for men hair care regimen

Here we will give you some hair care tips for men's hair. There are lots of sites telling you the proper care about the women's hair but male hair care is not so demanding as women's are. But now the picture is slowly changing. Men are becoming more and m...

29th May 2009

Trendy Indian bridal hair style

Today every bride is more conscious about their looks on their ‘big wedding day' as every one wants to look beautiful as well as stylish and traditional. So it is more important to keep in mind that blending of this different criterion needs much more a...