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25th March 2009

Earth Anthropological Survey, Translation 2:– Economic Subjugation.

This is the second in my series of "Arcturian" translations. I recently published a brief incidental report on the difficulties I've had with the translation and how all this came about, entitled "Visitors to Earth - Arcturian Translation and Phant...

25th March 2009

Milking The People, Part Three: Bank Profits First and Foremost.

This is the final article in this three-parter on the Great Recession Hoax. When it comes to sorting out our ailing economy, government consistently shuns the simple and easy remedy to hand in favour of "remedies" that are not remedies at all but recipe...

25th March 2009

Milking The People, Part Two: The Plot Thickens….

How government colludes with the banks to ensure the banks profit from the misery they created in the first place. A recession or a slump is a shortage of money, which is created when banks refuse to supply the economy with money by tightening up on le...

25th March 2009

Milking The People, Part One: Recession’s Latest Twist.

The latest twist in the Great Recession Hoax. Government and banks collude….but what exactly are they up to? True to one of its primary functions of keeping people in the dark, the press announces the Central bank "wants to print money" to heroically...