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06th January 2011

Screenwriting Class - Become The Backbone Of A Successful Film

When we think about favorite movies, it is the rich and engaging story lines and the captivating characters that make them memorable. There are, of course, other important elements at play, such as costumes, settings or a favorite actor that is part of th...

03rd December 2009

Green Solutions, Green Earth

The impending doom brought about by climate change has got people worrying about the future. Will the Earth be habitable in 50 to 100 years? Will the next war be fought over depleting natural resources? These questions of survival have been playing in dif...

27th November 2009


Permaculture comprises specific design principles that develop eco-friendly human settlements. The principles and ethics form the basis of permaculture but it is not as complex as rocket science. All it does is initiate an awareness and clear plan of acti...