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15th April 2010

Spend your leisure time at Movies Planet

World is robotic where every one of us are always busy with their own work and exertion. At this tough time, we all require some kind of recreation to relax and unwind our mental stress. Leaving out somewhere is possible during the week-ends, but what abo...

25th March 2010

Enhance your movie experience by watching movies online at

With time other forms of entertainment have been discovered, but the movies still hold the same charm that they had years ago. Everyone loves watching movies as this is the best way to experience emotions and transform into another world which holds many ...

18th March 2010

The Best Free Movies Online For You To Watch!

For all those people who love to watch movies online, Movies Planet brings you exclusive listings of some of the best movies as well as television shows of all time. Categorized into separate sections such as new releases, most popular, different eras lik...

11th March 2010

Watching movies online just got better

With the internet booming and making it into almost all households around the world, practically everything is available at home, without having to go out. One such availability is of movies. There was a time when our fathers and grandfathers would have s...

25th February 2010

Free Chance to Watch Movies You Love

What if you wield the chance to watch movies and television shows you love, all from one place? Looks like a tall order. It does and it is even more complex when you think about free movies, and the fact that you can get them when you want to them. It is ...

08th February 2010

Watch Movies while Choosing the Movies You Want

To watch movies comes the need for the best movies. When you have decided to watch a movie, sometimes you might be devoid of a specific one in mind and any that interests you is welcome. If you are cool with free movies then you might be on your way towar...

02nd February 2010

Watch Movies at the Movie Lovers Paradise and Planet

If there is a place where the greatest of all movies comes to life, it is in Movies Planet, where movie lovers converge to fellowship with the latest in the movie industry. There is always a magnificent thrill to be felt when ones is able to watch movies ...

25th January 2010

Watch Movies Online and Get other Movie Delights At Anytime

In case you want to watch movies online as you get free movies at your own opportune time, Movies Planet might be the ideal place for you. To watch movies of your own choice at any time you are free is not something that happens everyday, but you now have...

14th January 2010

Watch Movies at Movies Planet Free at a Click

To watch movies at Movies Planet will soon be two clicks away. The sites is involved in creating new features to allow users to locate easily the kind of movies and films they want to watch as they also get to watching the video in its full length at high...

07th January 2010

Download and Watch Movies Online at the Same Time Courtesy of

If you are one of those people who can hardly go for a couple of hours without a watching great movie, then is the place to be. This is where you are given the authority to download and watch the movies you want at just a click. Whether i...

07th December 2009

Advantages of watching free movies online

Are you curious to watch any of your favorite movies which is no more running in any of the near by theaters? Are you not finding it in the video rental store also? Leave all your worries. They are answered with the advancement in the technology. With the...

11th November 2009

The Increasing Demand of Online Movies Websites

Most of the people, specially teenagers love to watch movies. You must have some digital electronic device like TV, DVD player or computer to watch movies. There is no doubt that TV and Computer are now considered the basic necessities of life and I don't...

02nd November 2009

Why People Prefer to Watch Movies Online over DVDs

One of the biggest source of entertainments for everyone in this world is movies. People love to spend their free time in watching movies. Now the question is that why everyone prefers to watch movies online instead of buying high quality DVDs from the ma...

27th October 2009

How To Find The Latest Movies Online For Free

Movies, without any doubt are the need of everyone. We are always looking for entertainment then why not just get the best entertainment i-e Watch online movies for free. Finding the old movies is not at all a problem and you can get all of them for free ...

16th October 2009

Watch Movies Online – Made Easter Than Ever Before

Gone are the days where people have to necessarily go to the movie theatres to watch their favorite films and actors. With the advent of internet technology, everything is possible now. Do you believe in the deliverables of the technology which will make ...