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30th December 2011

A Few Great Nail Salon Advertising Ideas

Nail salons are pretty popular community services that are nice place to relax, rehash all the community rumors that are going around and bond as well as get some great looking males in the process. I couldn't imagine anyone owning an nail salon that's fa...

08th February 2011

Is Jared Loughner Insane?

The question is is Jared Loughner Insane? Personally I think he’s disturbed and psychotic but I also felt he knew exactly what he was doing when he shot Congress Lady Gabrielle Giffords and the others. Hitler was evil but wasn’t insane. My definition of i...

05th October 2010

Ad Text Generator Critical Overview

A.M Khan is a professional Internet Marketing and PPC Expert who put out the Ad Text Generator. What makes Khan different than a lot of the other Pay Per Click Marketers that are out there these days is that he manages large campaigns for huge corporate e...

15th September 2009

Why do People Drink Isotonic Drinks?

Isotonic drinks are preferred by athletes and many people for several reasons. These reasons include replacement of water and sodium, increased energy, and even replenishment for dehydration. Athletes often feel they have a better performance when drink...

15th September 2009

Our Opinion of the Bawls Energy Drink

Bawls Energy Drink has been around for a lot longer than most other brands and through this longevity, it has built up quite a following. Over the years, this Drink has released a number of different flavors and by all accounts, these flavors are rather t...

15th September 2009

A Review of the Crunk Energy Drink

Crunk Energy Drink is a new offering that comes from rapper Lil' John. This is an extremely trendy idea because it is taking advantage of a popular saying and turning it into a marketable product. That is one of the best things about Crunk Energy Drink, a...

15th September 2009

What we Know about Fuze Drinks

It is common for people to assume the Fuze drinks are for athletes but there are many different types of people that drink these beverages and they are designed for everyone. You might want to drink these beverages if you are trying to lose weight, reple...

15th September 2009

What are the Best Energy Drinks Out There?

If you are looking for the best energy drinks, you might consider YoliTruth. Yoli is a favored drink by many people because of the active ingredients said to provide what the body needs to maintain total health. The goal of this energy drink is to lock ...