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23rd October 2009

MP3 Player

A MP3 is a device which uses digital technology for playing music. Hence it is also known as a digital audio player and performs three basic tasks of storing, playing and organizing audio files. There are many types of MP3 which can be found in the market...

11th August 2009

Baby Walkers for fun loving active infants

A baby walker is a device that can be used by infants who cannot walk on their own to move from one place to another. Modern baby walkers have a base made of hard plastic sitting on top of wheels and a suspended fabric seat with two leg holes. A baby walk...

13th June 2009

STEAMERS for healthy cooking

With more and more people reverting towards boiled food and healthy eating, the steamers are gaining importance on the kitchen shelves. These steamers provide hassle free, cooking of the vegetables without the danger of getting them burnt when forgotte...

12th June 2009

HTC Mobile Phones – A stunning product

HTC mobiles are one of the fastest growing companies in the cell phones segment and have grown to receive remarkable recognition in the past few years. Its mission is to become the leading company in mobile and smart phone technology by providing world cl...

01st June 2009

NOKIA Mobile phone – latest, best, new

In the world of mobile phones, NOKIA has always been the market leader. This is so because all the researches are done, keeping in mind, its fastest and best up gradation, as compared to other players in mind. Nokia is not only provides a communicatio...

29th May 2009


WOWS!!! One sim for office and one sim for home is the motto of this dual sim mobile phone. Many people have been carrying two sim cards to avoid confusion amongst the colleagues and friends. It's not only burdensome but the chances of losing one of th...

20th May 2009

Information about latest mobile phones

Market Player in the field of Mobile Phone is Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Blackberry, LG, HTC, Motorola and Samsung. All these companies keep upgrading their technology on a regular basis to grab the customer and hence increase the sale. Sony Ericsson: Its W...

28th April 2009

Newly Launched Xcite Mobiles

Not many have heard this name - Xcite Mobiles. Last week when I walking through the Chor Bazar of New Delhi, shopkeepers would wink at the name of Xcite! They would ask - What? What's that name? Though Chor Bazar of New Delhi is a place where you can hear...

07th April 2009

Mobiles from LG

Who has not heard the name of LG Mobiles - almost everyone has if we don't go into the very interiors of Indian Cities. LG has been a brand name since we were kids; today it has expanded its branches from Kitchen Appliances and Entertainment products to t...

27th March 2009

Nokia Mobile Phones – The Name Speaks For Itself

Nokia - If I were to ask you - have you heard the name of it, you would think - he must be joking, for today, Nokia is a brand name. For all the good reasons on earth, Nokia phones sell like popcorns. It's simply the brand name which speaks for itself. So...

20th March 2009

The Mobile Store

Carrying mobile is another way of being mobile. The fastest and easiest way of being everywhere, everytime. Back in 1990s when mobiles were first launched in India, mobiles came at a cost which was not affordable by everyone. Today, one can change mobile ...