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27th August 2010

Commission Pet Portraits from Reputed Portrayers

At present, pet portraits are pretty popular. Their fame is primarily due to the long-lasting nature of portraiture. Also, when you look at these paintings for the first time, you will definitely be impressed by their realism. You might run into these por...

23rd August 2010

Horse Portraits - an Everlasting Memory

Horse portraits are a nice way to create an everlasting memory of you riding a horse. Typically, this portrait of yours should depict you riding on a horse. Paintings of horses are pretty famous in the market and can be bought as and when they are needed....

19th August 2010

Portrait Paintings - Ones that last for Generations

As the title suggests, portrait paintings can last for generations. This is evident from the portraitures that have been uncovered from the history. Their quality can never be compared with today’s digital photo prints and other normal paintings. If peopl...

19th August 2010

Portrait Paintings - A Brief History

On observing some of the portrait paintings kept for display in museums, we can infer only one thing. These paintings were created in prehistoric times. This leads us to believe that the art of portrayers were famous even in those historic times. Without ...

19th August 2010

Portrait Paintings - Importance and Uses

A portrait painting is one that embodies the image of a particular person. Over the years, these paintings started to include images of various other animals and lifeless matter. This particular type of painting is created only when a person orders for it...