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06th April 2011

Mobile Phone Forensics

Developments in mobile devices just don't seem to slow down. From the early days of large mobile handsets being used for the sole purpose of making a call, through to the ever decreasing size of today's smart phones that gives the user a plethora of func...

06th September 2010

Choosing a Solar Panel Installer

Installing solar panels yourself is one way to keep overall costs down. However, there are dangers to adopting a DIY approach to solar panel installation. Here are just three considerations to bear in mind before heading down the DIY route. Firstly, b...

12th May 2010

Solar Water Heating for Swimming Pools

Those lucky enough to own swimming pools will know of the many joys they bring. However, they will also be well aware of the fact that their pools are also big energy users. Over the years, the amount of money spent on heating even small pools can run i...

01st April 2010

Solar Water Heating - Not Just For The Home

Solar thermal systems are mainly used for the provision of standard domestic hot water. A solar water heating system is an energy efficient way to provide domestic homes with up to 70% of their hot water supply. However there are a number of other ...

26th February 2010

Check List for Installing Solar Water Heating

Installing a Solar Water Heating system for your home is a great way to reduce your annual energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. And with Governments now providing incentives to install renewable technology in your home, now could be the time t...

03rd December 2009

Five Simple Steps Towards Saving The Environment

There is no escaping the fact that the way we live our lives is having a big impact on the environment. We are the main contributors to climate change which is predicted to have huge consequences on us all in the near future. We can all do our bit to...