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27th April 2010

Arts Festival in Oklahoma City

Arts festival in Oklahoma City is a great opportunity for people of all ages to engage their senses in exciting festival experience. The occasion offers a unique treat with a rich blend of visual, performing and culinary arts, and cultures from all around...

28th June 2009

Oklahoma City Philharmonic

The Oklahoma City Philharmonic has risen from the ashes of the Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra that was founded way back in 1938. The Oklahoma Symphony was conducted most prominently by three men, Ralph Rose in 1938, and later Victor Alessandro and Guy Franci...

06th June 2009

OKC Arts Festival

The OKC Arts Festival or Festival of the Arts hosts performances of performing arts, visual arts and culinary arts, and there's something for the entire community to enjoy. The 2009 OKC Festival of the Arts will be held from April 21-26 at the Festival Pl...

26th April 2009

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is an annual commemoration of the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that claimed the lives of 168 individuals. Conceived in April of 2000 by two friends to celebrate life and to understand ...

24th April 2009

Oklahoma City Concerts

Oklahoma City is a beehive of activity. There is always something entertaining going on including world class and national level sporting events, exhibitions, nature tours, food festivals, charity events, concerts, and more. Oklahoma City concerts feature...