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27th November 2009

The Hypocrisy of Al Gore and David Zuzuki and others!

Imagine how you would feel?Just listening to Al Gore and DR David Zuzuki on talk radio CBC.And hearing these selfishly motivated speakers (we believe) to advance only their agenda's.And those of CBC as supporting their agenda being in the same group.Imagi...

29th October 2009

Nuclear war?

David Chura, Research investigator field of CMA energy. The only energy of our future that will stop global warming and climate change. Have you considered what actually happens to our earth if a nuclear war does occur? Even if it is on a small...

23rd October 2009

Water another major problem

Imagine now we are being told the water tables in the lakes rivers and streams are dropping.What impact do you think this will have on society and the life of the human race?What will happen to the Ecosystem for the fish habitat, the trout and the salmon ...

09th October 2009

Can U Stop Global Warming?

Can you or anyone STOP global warming? HOG WASH!If you think that you or your governments and industry leaders can stop global warming , YOUR out on a limb ready to be cut off! And the winds of hot air is increasing! The tree is getting over loaded with l...