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04th August 2009

After Same-Sex Marriage, Same-Sex Divorce?

Although the rights for same-sex couples to marry may not extend to all states of the USA at the moment, there are still questions arising from the topic which will be discussed even in the states where same-sex marriage is not permitted. Once the first s...

06th July 2009

Formal Alternatives and Precursors for Divorce

Divorce is a concept that divides people - in more than one sense. As well as legally separating a couple to live separate lives, it also leads to disputes between people - on religious, political or moral grounds - and even in countries where it has been...

25th March 2009

A Real Life Case of Second Life Divorce

Many divorces these days are fairly straightforward, no-fault divorces with both partners agreeing to go their separate ways due to the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage for one reason or another. Wherever you are in the world, the chances are that ...

16th March 2009

Is There Really Such a Thing As Amicable Divorce?

Because a wedding is seen as the ultimate expression of two people's love for one another, it would be easy to think that conversely a divorce would be the opposite - a lasting monument to the antipathy built up over the course of a marriage. However, it ...