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08th May 2020

Fiction's Greatest Poisoners

POISON is easily swallowed by readers. Nor are they over fussy about the kind of fatal substance employed by whodunit authors – so long as it does exist and is guaranteed to kill. In this aspect of murder mystery, the acknowledged Queen of Poisons is als...

05th April 2011

Magic fuels the fame game

by Cathy Macleod, week ending 8 April 2011. MAGIC fascinates the real world, even in this Age of scientific wonders. I saw the proof of its power when newspaper editors pounced on a recent legal trial between two authors. It was a miracle of publicity, f...

16th February 2011

Born in Britain: a rebellion of readers

by Cathy Macleod at, week ending 4 Feb 2011. BOOK BURNING is something no democratic government would ever contemplate, yet Britain’s situation is equally severe: closure of public libraries. This weekend (Feb 5) readers throughout the ...

01st March 2010

Shakespeare mystery tops Spring list

IN a book jungle that is overrun by vampires, wizards and cosmic weirdos, Shakespeare still prevails. The Bard tops the Spring list as most popular novel in the early 2010 catalogue at Darling Newspaper Press. "Response to our Internet launch was overwhe...

30th June 2009

Corrosive humour scuttles British myths

Cathy Macleod at, 1 July 2009. Like many others, I use and love the English language. Today it is the world language, predominant in science, trade and politics. And maybe it always was predominant. At least in Europe. This mind-blowing...