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30th July 2012

“Swept her off her feet” - without so much as a ransom note!

As I research more and more about the traditions of the wedding ceremony, I grow concerned that this ritual has actually evolved from a collection of absurd events and histories around the world. Come with me as I explore further. Traditionally, the br...

08th December 2011

Successful Kids Birthday Party Formula By Steve Zany RI Magician

It's No Magic Trick. The secret formula to planning a great kid’s birthday party Parents, who know I am a kid’s party magician in RI, often ask me: Is there a formula that can be applied to make a kids birthday party a success? And no wonder. What mom ...

13th October 2011

Toll Free Number Mistakes To Avoid

Looking for a toll free number, avoid these common mistakes... Toll Free Number Hierarchy There is nothing wrong with 888, 877, 866 or even the new 855 toll free numbers. These have all worked incredibly well for big businesses as well as the American...

28th September 2011

Tips for beginner photographers

Professional photographers are often asked what their favorite cameras or lens is. A point and shoot camera (P&S) can produce great family photos, if you are serious about photography you should get a DSLR camera. What you see through the viewfinder in a ...

06th July 2011

Toll Free Numbers – A Deeper Look Into the Basics of Toll Free

In times like these, companies are constantly looking for ways to get an edge over competitors. Many companies have discovered the use of toll free numbers, commonly called the 1-800 number. Callers don’t have to pay fees to call, and creates an easy way ...

06th July 2011

Toll Free Numbers – Steps to Finding the Best Service Provider

Every company deserves to have the best – everyone should have the best. In fact, if a company doesn’t get the best services for its everyday functions, it won’t be able to produce the most a company or business can make. This is also proven for every dec...

20th June 2011

How to arrange a corporate portrait session with a photographer in Dubai

Large companies with a well managed marketing strategy need to improve their brand if they want to succeed in theever more competitive market of Dubai. One good strategy to accomplish this, is to have good quality images in the corporate communications st...

24th May 2011

Toll Free number – Factors to Consider in Getting a Toll Free Number

Communication is vital to increase harmony, understanding and quality of services and relationships in a workplace and at home. Imagine if people can make unlimited calls because they don’t have to worry about paying for it. After all, everyone is somewha...

04th May 2011

Call center – Business Process Outsourcing

Today, most companies are hiring call centers to outsource their customer service. With the growth of technology, companies are in constant search for better services from their subcontractors. Customers are very demanding, they want good products, good s...

20th April 2011

Toll Free Numbers – Effective Marketing Tool

Toll free numbers are becoming the primary marketing tool for many companies nowadays. Also known as free-phone, free-call or 1-800 number, this effective marketing tool is a type of telephone number wherein callers get to call the subscribed party for fr...

08th April 2011

Toll Free Numbers – The Cons of Subscription

One of the most proven effective ways to market products is through toll free numbers. You get to help people to memorize your number (if vanity) quickly, your business attracts potential customers with the free calls and stable reputation and marketing p...

05th April 2011

How to Find a Good Photographer for Your Event in Dubai

Companies need a good professional photographer to cover their events, whether it is for a launch party, a press conference or any other social gathering. Finding a good photographer in UAE is not easy but here are some tips to help you. A good photograph...

22nd February 2011


When the debt man cometh, he is indiscriminate and will seek to collect various types of liabilities. For some, these liabilities may include an unpaid IRS tax debt. As bankruptcy looms on your financial horizon, you might have already experienced enforce...

18th February 2011

Call Center – Providing Efficient Customer Service

Often times, when you have questions or problems regarding a product or service, you call a customer service number and representatives would be answering to your needs. These representatives are found in a call center. A callcenter is an office staff...

16th February 2011

Vanity Numbers – Benefits of Vanity Numbers for Businesses

Why do these large company use vanity numbers? Well, because there are numerous benefits and reasons for businesses to use vanity numbers, including the reason that these specialized numbers have become a very effective marketing tool. Vanity numbers ...