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27th March 2009

Get the Complete Game Package in Online Games

If you're quite the avid gaming fan, you're in for a treat. If before you have to buy a gaming console and all the cartridges and software, now, you don't have to. And even if you're more inclined towards board games, you no longer need to buy every boar...

27th March 2009

What Makes Online Games Addicting

Games in general are addicting. You can say that since online games are also games—though in a different format and medium— it's natural that they should be also become addicting games. But then, there are more to online games than just being "games"....

27th March 2009

Doing arcade games online

Without a doubt, the internet has drastically changed the way we live our lives. One of those changes is where we get our entertainment and amusement. For gaming, we used to go to arcades and amusement centers to play video games. But now, we can enjoy th...

27th March 2009

Online Games: As Diverse As We Are

Since online games are made for people to play, naturally, these games also try to match the differences in individual preferences and tastes. And online games of today have done a very good job at that. Games of today are so diverse that there's a game o...

27th March 2009

Giving Your Mind A Good Exercise

It's not only the body that needs regular exercise. Your mind also needs to do some work from time to time. You know what they say about your brain: use it or lose it. You don't have to go to the nearest library and read up on astrophysics or solve a math...

27th March 2009

Satisfy your gaming crave without breaking the bank

Everybody likes games. Especially today with all the advances in 3D animation, shading and video graphics, the games of today are on a totally different level. But not all are quite that interested to buying the expensive hardware and software that's need...

27th March 2009

For the Geek and the Jock

It may seem that sports jocks and intellectual types don't mix, but there's something that both can like in common. And that is online games. With online games made for the athlete and the straight-A student, these two personalities have something they bo...

27th March 2009

Two games you can play online

The internet certainly has a lot of games available for anyone to play. Two of the most popular games played nowadays are online shooting games and sports online games. Of course, since these are games, you have the nice animation, sounds and images t...

27th March 2009

Have fun with online games

Perhaps you don't need to be told that the internet holds lots of fun things to do for everyone. And not the least of those is online games. Since, internet connectivity and bandwidth capacity have greatly improved, one can play games with crisp animation...

27th March 2009

Bored? Try online gaming

There are just days when you're itching for something to do. Whether you're at work or at school, there are times when you have gaps between assignments and projects that you have unexpected free time on your hands. Somehow, you want something to pass the...