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30th December 2009

Vertical and Inclined Wheelchair Lifts

Vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts are meant for the elderly and the mobility impaired individuals. These systems can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. It is virtually impossible for some people to move about in houses and build...

23rd November 2009

Safety Features of a Residential Wheelchair Lift

Residential wheelchair lifts have become a well-accepted accessibility choice among the physically disabled persons. To provide persons experiencing mobility constraints with safe and comfortable access to stairways and other areas of their homes, residen...

12th November 2009

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Business places and commercial buildings are locations where wheelchair users face accessibility issues. Commercial wheelchair lifts are suitable solutions for them to overcome their accessibility challenges in public settings. Versatile Models of Whe...

29th June 2009

Buying a Straight Stairway Lift

Buying a straight stairway lift for your residence or commercial building is now simple, because top manufacturers or dealers make these easily available. A straight stair lift is an A/C or D/C power driven chair mounted on a track that is connected to a ...