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About Me: The author, from China, a freelance who got addict to video games. Recently set up his blog focus on his habit. He is eager to popularizing his blog and welcome game fan all over the world to share with him.


13th June 2009

The Videogame World is surrounded by Sensor

What's the most impressive memory E3 2009 remain to us? Someone cheers for the alliance of MS and Konami , while others are still in the beautiful tales of new Mario and Link. But there is one thing in common, the sensor. The gigabolt feedback sweep acro...

10th June 2009

PSP Go’s Impact to Portable Console Market

Sony eventually announced its new project on portable console market on E3, which is what we suspect as it happens. However, this time PSP Go doesn't appear to be a handheld savior with a brand-new colorful look. According to the official specification, P...

12th May 2009

Nintendo v.s Flashcard ~ Secret in Made in Ore

As the trump ace of Nintendo game, Made in Ore tries to bring brand new experiences to gamers in another way which is very unlike to its predecessor Made in Wario. However, there are more insidious ideas hidden beneath those interesting mini games, result...

17th April 2009

No Game but Hiking on Earth Day

Every year April 22 is the day to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. We should be conscious of the importance of protecting the our planet since people are now living in a highly developing society. The bigger the population g...

15th April 2009

Will the DS Last as Long as the GameBoy?

So today we find this thread putting forward by one of our friend, he says that Game Boy lasted for 14 years with multiple hardware upgrades before it was replaced by it's true successor the GBA. So his point is what if Nintendo are planning to keep suppo...

22nd March 2009

Are Third Party’s Video Game Accessories any good?

We have got this question from time to time from people online who are eager to know the truth. Some of them hesitate too long when they face the video game accessories made by third party manufacturer, considering these and those questions. Majority of t...