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13th May 2010

Benefits of Using Cast Iron Cookware

Cookware has come a long way since grandma's day, maybe a bit too far. The old cast iron pots and pans have been eclipsed over the years for the newer designs, conceptions and cutting edge technologies. However, grandma may have had it right all along wit...

11th April 2010

Green Living Tips

Going green is easier than you think. We all have to do our small part, and by following a few simple life changes, our little part can make a world of difference. Going green certainly benefits everyone, but it also has immediate rewards that can save yo...

22nd December 2009

Cinematic Austin: Movies and More

Along with the many economic and lifestyle benefits Austin offers its residents, in recent years it has also become a popular location for Hollywood productions. The low cost of filming combined with the numerous historic landmarks and picturesque natural...

08th December 2009

Safe Trick or Treating for Families

Halloween in the second largest retail holiday as far as candy sales is concerned. It's no wonder, as millions of kids hit the streets to trick or treat each year. Buckets of candy make their way home and at times the loot can last well into December. Wit...

07th December 2009

Making a Scrapbook for a Gift

If you are a scrapper, you know the sentimental value that a scrapbook holds. Each book represents a special time in your life, memories you don't want to forget and events that made you who you are today. Taking photographs of important life moments and ...