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05th February 2010

How To Have Younger, Healthy Looking Skin

Everyone has looked at photos of when they were younger and thought, "What happened to my beautiful skin?" Though the strength and resilience of skin to adapt to climates and different environmental conditions, over time it can start to show our age. As ...

12th January 2010

Why the Kindle Will Never Replace Traditional Books

Electronic book readers are nothing new. Amazon's Kindle reader is no exception. The Amazon Kindle - a software and hardware platform that allows users to download and read electronic books - was first released in November 2007. Whether the reader wa...

12th January 2010

How to Use Carb Blockers for a Low Carb Diet

Low-carb diets gained huge popularity in the past decade. By cutting out carbohydrates in your everyday diet and replacing them with high-protein foods, you can greatly increase your chances of losing weight and keeping it off. But to many people, carbo...

30th December 2009

The Greatest Authors of All Time Live On

The benefits of reading are as varied as the types of books there are available today. Besides being a fundamental requirement to complete the early years of schooling, the benefits of reading are many. The ability to read comes with the ability to un...

05th November 2009

Celebrity Make Up Tips from Today’s Hottest Stars

The next time you find yourself longing for lips like Angelina Jolie or a figure like Scarlet Johansen, just remember that behind every beautiful smile and perfect cheekbones these stars have some of the world's best makeup artists a their beckoned call. ...

05th November 2009

10 Tips For Younger Looking Skin

We all at some point in our lives, are thinking about "what happened to my skin.... and WHEN did those lines appear"? Both men and women go through these thoughts and they are all apart of our natural discovery of our life and bodies (well that's what I t...

16th October 2009

You Too Can Make Money With Green Energy

On the flat landscape of an ordinary Texas ranch, wind turbines turns rise 600 feet in the air with blades as big as the wingspan on a jumbo jet. Just as Texas was North America's oil capital, the same industrialists who invested millions building an inf...

29th September 2009

Exotic and Unusual Musical Instruments from Around the World

To many people in many parts of the world, music is an important part life and plays a central role in their cultural heritage. Greek philosophers defined music as tones arranged in time horizontally (melodies) and vertically (harmonies). However, John C...

25th August 2009


SUMMARY Having a greener, more earth friendly home is the best thing you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time! Making your home a greener place is a commitment - to yourself, your family, your community, and to the worl...

06th July 2009

Know Your Cell Phone's Tricks

Here is just a partial list of what even a "cheap" cell phone can do for you! 1. Your cell phone can tell the exact time and date for you. How many times do you forget the date when trying to write out a check to someone? Taking a few seconds to peek a...

16th April 2009

Why Books Will Never Go Out of Style

If you've been to your local library, you will see this is not the case. Students, young children, middle-aged men and women, and senior citizens can still be found perusing the aisles for a good read. The love of books is something that cannot be usurp...

02nd April 2009

Sports Merchandise for Men and Women of All Ages

Whether you hail from Seattle or Stockholm, Main Street is filled with people proudly wearing their favorite team logos and colors. Someone's favorite cap or comfy sweatshirt represents a special part of that person's personality: The Giants are my team;...