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10th October 2011

Some Crucial Things To Remember Before You Visit A Beauty Salon

There may have been numerous times when you may have visited a beauty salon, might be for your hair or to get a facial. Whatever be the reason, it is quite a common experience that visiting such a parlor helps you to relax a bit and also get the type of l...

31st May 2011

Tips For Selecting An Active Adult Retirement Community

Retirement is a time you can look forward to with pleasure. You can finally indulge in your hobbies, now that your responsibilities are fulfilled. Your children are likely to be settled, and you would have achieved milestones at work. The sacrifices you m...

24th March 2011

A Guide To Theme Weddings

Your wedding day will be an unforgettable one for you and your spouse. You can make it memorable by choosing a theme. Doing so will also help differentiate your special occasion from the many other weddings your guests will be attending. Prior research on...

23rd March 2011

Poverty In Israel - What You Can Do To Help The Poor

We have all heard this oft-quoted proverb -'charity is one of the greatest virtues'. But how often do we actively participate or donate to charities? We are so much occupied with our day-to-day activities that we often forget about those who need our help...

23rd March 2011

How To End Poverty In Israel

True, poverty is a curse and it needs to be eradicated to ensure a respectable life for every individual. But with political instability and economic depreciation playing havoc in different parts of the world, especially in the war-affected countries of M...

05th March 2010

2009 AARP Livable Communities Special Recognition Award

Golden Spikes Estates, under the direction of Glacier Homes of Rathdrum, Idaho, has received the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) 2009 Livable Communities Special Recognition Award. The project received the award in the category of a develo...

29th December 2009

Call Center Outsourcing: How to Get Value for Your Money

Businesses are in the process of going global. There is an increasing need to reach out to a huge global market even while sitting in one corner of the world. This means that businesses must have the bandwidth, training and resources to provide seamless, ...

13th March 2009

Doug Dvorak is the Motivational Speaker You are Looking for

Normally what are the traits you look for in a motivational speaker? Solid experience, deep insight into business, certified training, good education, and the knack of hitting it off easily with your employees are some of the prime qualifications and char...