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15th June 2009

Breast Enlargement Surgery Recovery Time

Breast augmentation surgery overtook liposuction a few years ago as the leading elective plastic surgical procedure in the world. Recovery from the surgery is less incapacitating that with some other plastic surgeries but nonetheless takes some time for t...

15th June 2009

Breast Implants: Which Fails More Often?

Breast implant failure is a reality at some point for nearly all women that get breast augmentation. Even though breast augmentation is one of the most successful of all cosmetic procedures, the reality is that at some point breast implants can and will f...

09th June 2009

Breast Enhancement: Early Stages of Planning?

Breast enhancers are a fine way for increasing your bra size by up to a full cup or so. But sometimes a half-cup or even full cup breast enhancer may simply not be what you are looking for. With the prevalence of breast enlargement surgery today, women a...

01st June 2009

350cc Breast Implants: What Bra Cup Size Will I Be?

The very first thing to understand about this question is that a pair of 350cc breast implants may increase the bra cup size of one woman quite differently than on another. Since the body of every woman is unique, of course, breast implants once placed m...