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18th June 2009

Outbound Call Centers and Direct Marketing Campaigns

Today's call center is a channel of communication that strings caller and business together. An outbound call center is one in which call center agents make outbound calls to potential customers on behalf of a business or client with the intention of sell...

12th June 2009

Training Representatives for Inbound Services

Inbound Call Center Services are used by small or large organizations which offer services and support for selling of product or services. At some point of time a business cannot handle large volume of customer responses (query or request). They then turn...

18th May 2009

Training Representatives for Order Taking

Order taking services provide live customer service through which customers can place their orders for desired products or services. It is generally done through customized database which includes product description and price changes. The service provide...

15th May 2009

Personalization Is Important To Close an Order

In retail sales environment, it is well known, that while advertising might pull in potential customer to the store, the final decision about which product to buy happens, when he sees his options laid out in the shop itself. Similarly, in work domains of...

29th April 2009

Challenges of Managing a Bilingual Call Center

The Spanish-speaking population in the world exceeds that of English-speaking and their buying power has a significant impact on the global economy. Businesses that manage advertising campaigns to generate interest in what they produce must have a collect...

16th April 2009

Answering Services- a cost-cutting solution

In this tough economy, businesses are looking for cost-cutting solutions without compromising on quality of service. Hiring an answering service to manage or organize phone calls is an effective business strategy that has proved to be successful. In thes...

17th March 2009

Product Fulfillment Assistance by Call Centers

There are various components to Product Fulfillment Assistance. Warehousing and Distribution: This includes order fulfillment. Most of the times it is outsourced to companies allowing a business to focus on other important areas such as sales, marketin...