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23rd April 2010

Sony Ericsson W595 gold : Review and Specification

The new Sony Ericsson w595 gold has come to be bedazzled every one. You can share favorite music, images and video among your friends with splash of gold. Music can be shared with given stereo jack. It is an amazing handset with incredible features. It gi...

23rd April 2010

Sony Ericsson W595 Ed Hardy : Review and Specification

The Sony Ericsson W595 has been reincarnated. It has been changed completely and come with more ravishing looks. The new avatar has made it a legend and kept it into high league of handsets. Just imagine a tattoo in your handset!! Yes! You heard it ri...

23rd April 2010

Sony Ericsson C903 Black : Review and Specification

Sony Ericsson C903 Black is a high end handset including world class features. It is made by superior and premium material which gives a silk touch look and feel. It is top rated camera handset. It comes with 5mp cyber shot quality camera. It has beautif...

23rd April 2010

Samsung S3100 Pink : Review and Specification

Samsung has given many handsets to match your style. It has also handset in many colors.S3100 pink is a classy, sleek and stylish handset. It includes the entire feature desired in handset. It has music player, video player, and also Bluetooth technology....

23rd April 2010

LG GM750 : Review and Specification

LG Mobiles are loved by mobile user worldwide. They are so popular that it has Microsoft's exclusivity for windows mobile 6.5. It has defeated HTC in this race. LG has two handset which uses WM6.5; Namely LG GM730 & LG GM750. They have proprietary applica...

19th March 2010

Samsung S3100 black

Samsung 3100 black is one Gem of handset that is not only techno savvy but also stylish. It holds every ones' attention. It is an entry level cell slider phone. It has 2.1 inches screen display. It gives us full value for money as S3100 is by the best f...

16th March 2010

Samsung Genio Touch S3650

Samsung Genio Touch S3650 is made to give you technological and digital experiences. You can stay connected all the time with all your friends, loved ones, business, music, movies and what not. It gives you ultimate power to stay connected and stay i...

15th March 2010

Samsung Galaxy I7500

To gain power to rule the universe many wars have been fought. It's a classic battle to get the power to be the best. To prove ones supremacy every handset manufacturer wants to rule the market with their incredible features, technology. That is why all g...

11th March 2010

Samsung Omnia2 I8000: dazzling mobile phone

Samsung built TouchWizUI and made a dazzling landing previous year immediately after HTC fixed TouchWizUI with Windows Mobiles. It entered with a noise and style; it became stronger including all the reincarnated features. It has come up with bigger a...

28th August 2009

Review of Nokia N97

An exquisite innovation which will all together change the way people connect to the internet and to each other, the Nokia N97 is a tailor-made device for all those Internet aficionados out there. The computer from the PC to the laptop, then came the palm...

26th August 2009

Review of Nokia N96

With the Nokia N96 immerse yourself in the impressive array of entertainment features. the latest in the N series , the N96 is designed to wow you with entertainment and style. The 2.8 inch display screen provides an excellent way to view videos, mov...

25th August 2009

Review of Smartphone HTC Touch Pro2

The new HTC Touch Pro 2 seems amazing as same as the latest Handset of Nokia, the N97. In reference of the high-class HTC Touch Pro 2, it is a Windows Mobile. After a contrast of both handsets, you can choose a best choice of HTC Touch Pro 2 or Nokia N97....

08th August 2009

LG GD900 Crystal has been equipped with great smart and stylish look

Nowadays, mobile phones are seemed as an essential means of transporter of communication. Including the communication characteristics, now cell phones are offering the advanced quality also that we can't assume. Besides the great performing characteristic...