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31st August 2010

Global Warming & Its Effects

Each year the United States spends over 20 million dollars buying fossil fuels. This country emits one fourth of the world’s greenhouse gases; the most prominent of these gases is carbon dioxide, which is released from the burning of fossil fuels. Global ...

12th August 2010

The Evolution of the United Nations

Established in a postwar world reeling from the shock of the Second World War, the United Nations has played numerous roles in its short history. Initially, the UN was purely an international forum, a meeting place where dignitaries from around the world ...

12th August 2010

AMSEL: The name everyone knows

Even though Richard Amsel passed away 24 years ago, his artwork is still some of the most recognizable in the world. Fan from every corner of the earth salivate at the sight of some of his more famous work, while others have stood the test of time on the...