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03rd August 2010

Tips for Creating Dramatic Eye Makeup

Perhaps you have always wondered how celebrities create such attention-grabbing, dramatic eye makeup. What is the secret? How do they do it? Here are some simple tips that will help you achieve the same dramatic look, and magical sparkling eyes. 1. ...

03rd August 2010

Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is often selected by Hollywood stars because of its versatility, coverage, and non-comedogenic properties. They wear a lot of makeup, for long periods of time, so choosing a product that will not clog pores is very important, especially whe...

03rd August 2010

Siren Song: Red Lipstick Then and Now

Red. It's the colour of power, the colour of confidence, and, in the case of red lipstick, the colour of seduction. From the earliest days of history, women have been compelled to enhance what nature has given them. Vanity, it has been said, is as old as ...

03rd August 2010

Winter Skincare For Dry Skin

During the winter, dry skin can be a problem requiring greater attention to care of the skin. If skin gets very dry people can experience what is called "winter itch." Winter itch may be triggered by the harshness of the cold winter air, low air humidity ...

15th June 2010

Cooking with Low Fat Cream Products

Low fat doesn't have to mean yucky or flavourless. Here are some tips for making great tasting, healthier meals using low-fat cream in your cooking. **** Cooking with low fat cream offers many benefits and few drawbacks. For those with heart troub...

15th June 2010

Cooking with Cream: Pasta Perfection

Instructions for making a great creamy base for pasta you can then use to create any number of pasta dishes such as Chicken Alfredo. **** It is quick and relatively easy to make a cream sauce for pasta or any number of dishes. Here's how to make...

30th October 2009

Healthy(er) Cake Recipes

In today's health-conscious world, it can be a challenge to find tasty treats to enjoy and still be mindful of your figure. But by employing a few strategic substitutions and/or additions to your favorite desserts, you can indulge both your sweet tooth an...