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24th October 2011

Choose Personalized Jewish Art For Your Wedding and Home

Personalized pieces of original art mean more than store bought pieces or reproductions. There's a level of craft that can only be achieved by dedicated artists and can only be captured in original artwork. Look to Jewish art for weddings, your home, or o...

27th September 2011

Logo Embroidery and Corporate Symbolism

Visual stimuli are some of the first impressions we get. Imagery is instantaneous. It comes way before language in our personal development and remains the foremost way of recognizing an idea or concept. It's a natural response for us to place meaning on ...

20th June 2011

How to Keep Your Business Technologically Hip: VoIP Telephones and Internet Marketing

When it comes to business, these days it's all about how many Twitter followers you have. Okay I'm simplifying a little. But seriously, that's an example of how fast technology moves. If you want your company to be relevant in the marketplace, it's import...

14th June 2011

Choosing Woman of Valor Artwork

There are a lot of different options when it comes to Jewish artwork. Various blessings can be bought and enjoyed in art form. The Woman of Valor hymn is a beautiful choice, whether giving it as a gift or to hang up in your own home. It serves a significa...

13th June 2011

Ketubahs Around the Globe

In terms of Jewish art, the ketubah is one of the first glimpses we see. The purpose of a ketubah is to bind two people in marriage. Simply put, it is a marriage contract. But over the centuries, the ketubah has developed as a true piece of artwork. It is...

12th May 2011

Common Features for VoIP Telephones

Getting a new business phone system is important if you want to save money, especially if you are going to be dealing with long distance or international clients or need to often use the phone for conference call. VoIP communications services often come ...

11th May 2011

Make The Move To Digital Phone

Explaining a VoIP business to someone who does not understand digital communication can be complicated. Not impossible but a little tricky. You see, for some folks, the idea that your telephone call is no longer traveling across all those telephone polls ...

05th May 2011

Content Delivery in a New Digital Landscape

In the world of non-linear editing, and computer based visual effects, content delivery systems are becoming a major staple of the creative industry. Where as a decade ago, pencils and magnetic strips were the basic elements needed to start a creative ven...

03rd May 2011

The History of Perfume and Travel Spray

Womens perfume is a huge business today, one that has been around for years and grows stronger as it gets older. Every woman wants to smell beautiful which in turn makes her feel beautiful. New fragrances come out continuously and are even honored at the...

21st April 2011

Choosing the Right Natural Looking Wigs

No matter what the reason is that you may need a wig, it can be really intimidating trying to by one that works for you. Natural looking wigs are only going to look so if the style, color, and fit are right for you. You may be nervous about picking the wr...

20th April 2011

The Presidents and Their Luxury Pens

When one thinks of beautiful luxury pens, you might envision the CEO of a large corporate company who adorns his massive desk with a small, yet expensive, collection of pens. However, America's own Presidents also enjoy the wonderful feeling of using Park...

18th April 2011

VoIP Phone Systems Killing Landlines

A recent study was released by IBISWorld with a list of top 10 dying industries. The very top of the list was land line telecommunication. As far as the home goes, there aren't many people who have land lines anymore. They either use their cell phones or...

04th April 2011

Business Phone Systems Make Things Run Smoother

I have worked in about half a dozen offices over the past ten years. I'm not proud of my job hopping ways but I am proud of my ability to learn new things. When you work in as many offices as I have you learn business phone systems pretty quickly. I've pi...

04th April 2011

Wrinkle Removal Is A Way Forward

Smooth skin. It's something we admire in the youth and the ability to hold on to it is something we adults could kill for. Thankfully, we don't have to(and quite frankly I don't really see how killing could help your skin). With the advances of technology...

01st April 2011

DSLR Cameras and Nature Photography

As warm weather approaches, nature photographers will be spending much more time outside capturing the vivid landscape and the surreal wildlife. With DSLR cameras in hand and a few pieces of photography equipment, you can take breathtaking photographers a...