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16th August 2009

Wusthof Kitchen Knives

If you are searching for kitchen cutlery and knives, Wusthof is a brand name that is produced in Germany, and is a leader in the manufacturing of knives, knife sets, and blocks. It's one of the oldest cutlery producing companies, starting out in 1814. Thi...

13th August 2009

Wusthof Gourmet Hand Stamped Knives

Wusthof Gourmet hand-stamped knives are manufactured with the same high-carbon stain-resistant steel and methodical German engineering as the other knives in the popular Wusthof line of cutlery. These knives are lightweight, high quality knives making the...

13th August 2009

Wusthof Cleaver

The choice of amateur and professional chefs everywhere is the high quality Wusthof Cleaver. When you decide to buy a Wusthof cleaver, you are getting the best since these handy kitchen utensils come from Solingen Germany, which is known as the "Cutl...

13th August 2009

Wusthof Classic Knife

Wusthof Classic knives are a product of Wusthof Trident; a 7th generation, German, family owned and operated company that has been offering exceptionally high quality cutlery since 1814. The Wusthof Classic line was the top rated knife by Consumer Reports...

11th August 2009

How To Sharpen Wusthof Knives

Wusthof, established since 1814, is a world renowned manufacturer of precision forged cutlery. The Wusthof name is synonymous with the tradition of quality. With over 200 styles to choose from, all Wusthof knives are professionally forged through a specia...

11th August 2009

Wusthof Knives vs Henckel Knives

Two of the best names in chef's knives are Henckel and Wusthof. What's the difference between these two heavy hitters, and what are the benefits of owning these classic knives? Both companies have been making knives for hundreds of years, so they know how...

11th August 2009

Westhof Forged Knives vs Stamped Knives

Buying a good set of knives is an important purchase for any household - and getting the best quality for your money is a big consideration when choosing which knives to buy. While the initial outlay for forged blades is higher than for stamped blades, pu...

11th August 2009

Cutting Boards...Wood Or Synthetic?

One of the great questions which has been tossed around for years in the cooking world is whether a Cutting Board should be made of Wood or Synthetic materials. Since both types of cutting boards have both good and bad qualities, neither can be considered...