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08th December 2009

Tummy Tuck: A Popular Option for a Firmer, More Toned Midsection

Losing a great deal of weight is always a good thing. You feel better about yourself, you look better, and you're ready to face the world and be happy. There's only one problem, however: those who lose a huge amount of weight may not have the tight, taut ...

24th November 2009

Realizing your Cosmetic Goals with Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a surgery that is used to reshape and recontour the nose. This surgery cannot only change the size of your nose, but it can also alter the angle of the nose in relation to your face. Plastic surgeons are also able...

20th November 2009

Body Lift - What Plastic Surgery Patients Should Know About Body Contouring

Having a body lift can tighten and lift up parts of the body. Usually this would include the thighs, abdomen, hips and the backside. Before the body lift procedure can take place, a surgeon would have to consult with the candidate. He or she would examine...

11th November 2009

Breast Reduction - Cost, Price, and Tips on Your Payment and Financing Options

Breast reduction surgery costs thousands of dollars. This includes the surgeon's fees, anesthesia and hospital fees. The average cost for surgeon's fees can start at $3,500 and up; for anesthesia, the cost can start at $700 or more; the hospital or facili...

11th November 2009

What You Can Expect Before, the Day of, and After Your Breast Reduction Surgery

Before a patient gets the green light for breast reduction surgery, they will need to have a consultation with a surgeon. They will explain the surgical procedure and what kind of results to expect afterwards. They will also need information regarding a p...

11th November 2009

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty) - Who Are Ideal Candidates for Plastic Surgery Treatments

In order to be an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery, certain factors have to come into play. One of the things that determine being a candidate for breast reduction surgery is that a woman's breasts are larger than normal for her body size. Whe...

11th November 2009

Breast Reduction - Common Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Options

There are some people who have misconceptions about having breast reduction surgery. They get scared into believing that the surgery will increase the chances of getting breast cancer. That is far from the truth. Others believe that breast reduction s...

16th October 2009

Liposuction Procedures: Options, Recovery, and Common Questions

Liposuction is a great way to get rid of excess fat deposits. Each person stores their fat differently on the body; these fat deposits can be difficult to get rid of even with diet and exercise. Still, it is important to have realistic expectations when o...

16th October 2009

Liposuction: A Brief but Generally Complete Overview

You've got that one little area of your tummy that no matter how hard you work at it, that annoying little deposit of fat simply refuses to go away. Maybe you have "love handles" that are just too easy to get a grip on. Possibly, you just received that 20...

16th October 2009

Breast Augmentation Surgery Information: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Breast Surgeries

There are many reasons women choose to have this minor out-patient cosmetic surgery procedure performed that include simply not being satisfied with their bodies and looks to taking years off their general appearance. While the surgical procedure itself g...

16th October 2009

Cosmetic Surgery: Having a Facelift - Things you should know

A youthful appearance not only keeps us looking and acting young, but provides for our self-esteem--and that's exactly why many people of both sexes opt for a facelift. Cosmetic surgery has gained ground exponentially since Joan Rivers and Kenny Rogers ca...

15th October 2009

Celebrities with the Worst Smiles: Hollywood Looking Frazzled

Just because someone is a famous movie star, television personality, or professional athlete does not automatically mean they are perfect, physically or otherwise. Even those celebrities who are viewed as beautiful may not have mastered physical perfectio...

18th September 2009

A Guide to a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) - Who is an Ideal Candidate for This

There are people who are not satisfied with the "beer belly" look on their body. With the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure, the "beer belly" look can be non-existent. There are more people than ever that are trying to change their body structure. Thi...

18th September 2009

Is a Textured Breast Implant Right for You? - What to Know

The planning of having a breast augmentation can be quite overwhelming. Not only do you have to decide which size you will be satisfied with, but also the shape. Are you going to go with a round implant or a teardrop shaped one? And if you thought your de...

18th September 2009

Your Breast Lift and You - What You Can Expect Before, During, and After Surgery

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a common cosmetic surgery procedure performed to help return a youthful and firmer shape to the breast. Over time, the skin's natural elasticity is broken down and the weight of the breast can cause it to sag. ...