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23rd September 2009

Are There To Many Disadvantages Of Wind Farms?

Wind farms need to cover a lot of physical space to produce large amounts of electricity. In many industrialized countries, space is at a premium. They do not produce gases or other by products like other generators do, that poison the environment and any...

23rd September 2009

Are There Really Any Advantages To Wind Power ?

The first large windmill to produce electricity was the American multi-blade design, built in 1888. It's 12-kilowatt capabilities were later supposed by modern 70-100 kilowatt wind turbines. No prior art has been disclosed that uses a mechanical advantage...

22nd September 2009

Samsung Eternity A867 Phone Is Designed To Be Sleek And Innovative.

While remaining durable and long lasting the phones offer Bluetooth capabilities, ultra thin phones, slider hand sets and a number of other desirable features for its users on the go. You can shop for flashy skins and bulky covers, but they'll make your d...

17th September 2009

One Of The Hottest New Products For Skype The Netgear SPH200D.

The experience is reassuringly similar to using a normal cordless phone, and on our 8MB/sec DSL line the quality of VoIP was indistinguishable from a land line call. Eight integrated internal antennas and support for 5 GHz Wireless-N help to avoid interfe...

11th September 2009

The LG Black Label Series KE970 Will Add A Touch Of Shine To Your Life.

Hidden beneath the mirror finish of the KE970 lies a bright LCD screen that shines through when needed. The LG Black Label Series KE970 boasts a stunning 2MP camera featuring a Schneider Kreuznach certified lens with autofocus, zoom, and flash. LG has cla...

02nd September 2009

Batman Arkham Asylum Is A Solid Game And A Polished Experience.

Batman: Arkham Asylum will be the new super hero game standard. I can't come up with any real complaints about my first few hours with the game, except that I feel it borders on easiness. Batman: Arkham Asylum is rated BBFC 15 and available for Xbox 360 a...

25th August 2009

The New Sony PS3 Slim Could Give Competitors A Run For Their Money.

Sony has stated, the production cost of the PS3 has been reduced by 70%. Sony PS3 Slim could ultimately give the system the edge it needs to rise up and take back at least a decent chunk of the market. The fact is the pictures are being leaked from an off...

15th August 2009

Magellan Maestro 3100 Is A Road Oriented GPS Device.

It's maximum horizontal accuracy of 16 foot affords you the option of quickly getting you to where you need to go. Take for granted features like text to speech or even a photo viewer are not offered with this particular Maestro. If you're a Magellan ...

02nd August 2009

NCAA Football 2010 Is A Slight Improvement Over The Last Game.

The game NCAA Football 2010 is hitting the shelves on July and we are dying to know what new features they have added to this great game. There has been a lot of talk on online forums and blogs about the new features. Today, we dive into the virtual crowd...

18th July 2009

The Canon PowerShot S5 IS: Is Loaded With Canons Latest Technologies.

Canon PowerShot S5 IS Digital Camera has an ultra powerful 12x optical zoom this means you'll get the shot you want with no compromise, yet that's only the beginning of what makes this camera so good. This camera has many of Canon's latest advanced techno...

17th July 2009

Are GPS Devices Becoming One Of The Fastest Growing Products?

At Consumer Reports they are, where they regularly test GPS devices. In there tests they evaluate screen size, portability, ease of use, mounting systems, and other features. The software can be used for many purposes from looking on maps, navigation, log...

18th June 2009

Disney Channel Is A Great Entertainment Source For Children.

Disney Channel is basically commercial free except for the network's own programming and while I like that I just wonder why the lure of advertising dollars from outside Disney did not prompt a network broadcast. Our family and others we know love to watc...

16th June 2009

Hugh Jackman Reprises The Role As Wolverine That Made Him A Superstar.

Hugh Jackman's instincts are spot on to get in early and make the most of his screen capital created with the Wolverine character almost a decade ago. As producer as well as star Jackman is able to steer the project to his liking and the result is a super...