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11th November 2009

Top 7 Benefits of Recycling

Recycling is a process - a series of activities, if you will, that includes: the collection and sorting of waste materials, the processing of these materials to produce brand new products, and the purchase and use of these new products by consumers. Re...

20th October 2009

Recycling Facts For A Better World

In certain circles, recycling is belittled as a waste of time and a meaningless gesture to the environment. Of course, the circles who challenge the usefulness of recycling are also the same ones, in general, who gained the most from doing business with w...

06th October 2009

Digging Up Some Recycling Facts

In some papers, recycling is slandered as a lost cause and an inconsequential activity to the environment. Of course, the cliques who impugn the importance of recycling are also the same interests, in general, who became fat from doing business with blata...

16th July 2009

Getting Plastic Recycling Symbols

Have you ever wondered what these engraved marks in plastic bottles or appliance parts mean? Frequently, we find ourselves confused about the purpose of these recycling symbols and their relevance to environmental and health issues. Plastic recycling...

30th June 2009

Is Cradle to Cradle Recycling The Solution To The World's Trash Problem?

Tree huggers are adept at identifying the destructive impact of industrialization on the environment. Technocrats, on the other hand, find conservation advocates to be insensitive to the social and economic justifications for industrialization. They asser...