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14th August 2009

The BKT Hair Straightening at Home

BKT is a much better and new way to smooth and straighten hair. It's a very new process in hair styling and makes the hair shiny, soft, less frizzy and much easier to blow dry. Thick, frizzy, wavy, and dyed hair are the most perfect candidate for BKT ...

14th August 2009

Some Special Use for Hair Dryer

Use for Hair Straightening/Flat Ironing It's very easy to straighten your hair with a normal hair dryer, just follow the next steps: 1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as usual before the process. Using a straightening shampoo is good fo...

14th August 2009

Take Care of Your Hair when Using a CHI Flat Iron

You can get a beautiful straight after hair straightening by using a CHI flat iron. No matter after showering or out of bed, it always straight, and without any styling. But sometimes, unfortunately, the ends of hair come out frizzy and curly after the pr...

05th April 2009

Thermal Ionic Hair Straightener Tips

Thermal ionic hair straightener is the best product for tinted/highlighted and colored hair, it could get a salon result so easily. Here are the directions: 1. Wash your hair with shampoo, then rinse it out and put a leave in conditioner; 2. Leave the...

05th April 2009

GHD Hair Straightening

GHD hair straightener is a surprising small styling tool! It is usually made out of black plastic, with two ceramic plates stuck to it. There's an on/off button on the inside, but it's safe because it gets extremely hot fast and there is not any heat tran...

05th April 2009

Wavy Hair to Curly Hair

Curly hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyle in 2009. Make your wavy hairstyle into curly is a good idea to follow the fashion trend. But how to change the wavy hair into curly? And how to make the hair curl and stay in? Here are some tips and pro...

21st March 2009

Extenso Straightening Tips

Extenso will completely straighten the hair, it relaxes the curl and makes it easier to flat iron or blow out. Extenso is perfect for super curly fine hair that hasn't been straightened before because it leaves enough of the natural lift to the hair that ...

21st March 2009

Straightening Frizzy Messy Curls

You could choose wisely to make the frizzy messy curls to look nice straight, like gels, leave in conditioners, hot oil treatments and any other hair tools. But this is not means that they would be effective in any situation. Be very very careful! For ...

21st March 2009

Actually Curl/wave Thick Straight Hair

How to actually curl/wave thick straight hair by using gel or mousse without involve using curling irons? I hope this step by step tip could be useful for you: 1. Shampoo hair w/product for hair type, texture & condition 2. Rinse & apply rinse out co...

21st March 2009

Work with Your Curls

People with curly hair usually has many problems: dry, damaged, frizzy and uncontrollable curls. The weather dictate your hairstyle easily and even your mood. You should have to spend an amount of time on take caring and styling your hair. How to say good...