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16th March 2011

What People Do Not Know About Islamic Fascism

Most people know about Fascism and associate it with Mussolini or Hitler in some sense, although few understand about Islamic Fascism and how it relates to the Koran. In most Islamic countries, other religions, ideas and anything that opposes Islam is re...

16th March 2011

Western History As Relating To Islam

Islam was always considered an Eastern religion and one that not too many people knew much about until recently when it comes to Western history. In the Western cultures, Christianity was considered the most common religion, with different facets of this...

29th December 2009

Bush–Bama: same policies, soon to be similar approval ratings

Bush left office with a 32 % approval rating. The Black Jesus, the Most Important Man in History [MIMH], is currently sitting at about 45 % and declining fast. For the record Bush's popularity was over 53 % at the same point in time in both his first and ...