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21st November 2011

How to draw Fantasy Art - Landscape

In fairy tales and fictitious fantasy movies, the one which gives color on the whole story is the setting. It is usually used as titles to offer excitement to the viewers; “Alice in Wonderland” and “Jack and the Bean Stalk” are just few examples. For an a...

16th September 2011

Easy methods to Draw Fantasy Art

Have you wondered why dogs bark using an unusual sound which gives a really uneasy feeling during night time? Or taught of creepy creatures hiding in the dark? We frequently heard of them from ghost stories and feared their appearance in televisions. They...

09th May 2011

Discover How to Draw Eyes

Probably the most fascinating and beautiful part of the human body to draw would be the eyes. Often the eyes reveal feelings that people try to hide. Most of us look at the eyes of someone to see if he/she is without a doubt sincere. And it is through the...

09th March 2010

The Way To Draw The Portions Of A Face Symmetrically And In A Consistent Form

Maybe you will have discovered this your self: it's definitely tough to draw the various areas of a human face. It usually takes a lot of exercise to create nice and lively noses, eyes, lips and wild hair. Even if you learned these talents it's not just a...

05th February 2010

Drawing Instruction: How To Draw Hands

It is important ne'er to guess how a hand looks. Yet the most adept creative persons use the hand they're not using before them as a model when they're drawing hands. As well you better buy a little mirror and utilize it to see your hand from different p...