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28th January 2011

Healthy eating during the holidays

By Mark in Diet
The holiday season is a time of celebrations, and when there is celebration, there is also food. The food items served during Christmas parties, noche buena, and media noche are truly delectable but also, most of them, unhealthy. Most of these are frie...

02nd November 2009

Recycle Your Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are one of the handiest household items used throughout the world. They are easy to produce. Plastic bags start as out as plastic pellets or resin. After the pellets are melted inside the heated chamber of a plastic extrusion machine, the pla...

28th October 2009

500 Reasons to Recycle

Under the logo of Bag Monster TM is the inscription: "1 year, 1 shopper, 500 bags". This is about 10 plastic shopping bags a week. 500 bags don't seem to amount too much until one weighs the economic, social and environmental costs of producing 1 plastic ...