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09th January 2012

When Oil Painting, Should Your Snow Be White?

May be about 3000 years ago someone was inspired to describe something as being "as white as snow" or "snow white" or "as pure as snow". At the time it was a very original and effective simile or metaphor and a powerful phrase. Newcomers to writin...

22nd June 2011

Why Oil Paintings Need Varnishing

Varnishing unfinished oil painting is an essential rather than an option, and that for at least three reasons: 1. to protect the paint and surface of the picture; prevent dirt and other atmospheric pollutants degenerating the image. help i...

22nd June 2011

When Painting Pictures In Oils, What Is Essential?

Painting is a very attractive pastime -- even employment. It is quite satisfying and gives enormous pleasure. Even the initial attraction can be very great, so great that we give in to the temptation to "jump straight in" and get started right away. ...

22nd June 2011

How Oil Paintings Need To Be Varnished.

My article on Why Oil Paintings Need To Be Varnished discusses the why of varnishing oil paintings. This present article is concerned, as its title suggests, with the how of varnishing an oil paintings. Stages Of Varnishing. There are two stages at...

22nd June 2011

When Painting In Oils What Supports Are Available?

This does not refer to a kind of help line or financial support! A support is what a painter in oils puts paint on to. There are several alternatives available (excluding painting on walls and ceilings, which we shall not go into here), some of which ar...

22nd June 2011

When Painting In Oils What Other Stuff Do You Need?

There are some essential ancillary things you need when painting in oils besides the oil paints! This article is a short survey of some of the things you will need. Mediums There is a wide range of mediums available which, when mixed with oil paints...

22nd June 2011

When Painting In Oils, What Preparation Is Needed For Supports?

The support you use for painting in oils on can be either a timber product, a board product (like MDF), plywood or canvass. These all have their individual advantages and disadvantages. Priming Supports But supports for oil paintings in general ne...

22nd June 2011

What Oil Paints Should Be Used In Painting?

This article concentrates painting in oils. There are a great variety of makes of oil paints to choose from and a corresponding range of price and quality. When beginning to paint, there is an understandable tendency to go for the cheapest. Why spend a ...

22nd June 2011

Paintings In Oil Should Exclude White Clouds

Some kind of landscape scene is frequently a favourite for beginners in oil painting. That is quite understandable and nothing to be objected at. But one of the mistakes they tend to make is in the treatment of the sky especially in the way clouds are p...

22nd June 2011

Painting Pictures In Oils: Why Make This Your Choice?

Some artists work in all kinds of different media from oil to chalk. Some work in one or two media while others tended to use only one. From the viewpoint of someone considering getting into painting, I would suggest trying oils first. Why Oils For Beg...

22nd June 2011

Painting In Oils And Simplifying Complexity

When begin painting in oils a major problem can center on the complexity of various subjects. This obviously depends to some degree on what kind of approach you take to painting and the extent to which, say, a more realistic or traditional approach matt...

22nd June 2011

Paintings In Oil: How To Choose A Subject

When paintings in oil, the subject one might choose to paint is determined by several things, including: the kind of medium to be used, the degree of complexity one can reasonably handle, the size and kind of support one has in mind, and so forth. Clear...

22nd June 2011

Oil Painting Waterfalls

Landscape paintings can often be enhanced by adding some falling water. This need not be a great cataract in to create some extra interest (as in, for example, my painting of Heyburn Wyke, Yorkshire Dales). On the other hand, an actual waterscape might...

22nd June 2011

Oil Painting Water

Oil and water don't mix -- unless you are using the former to paint the latter. Then they go very well together. But there are a few pointers to bear in mind when painting water, although this discussion relates to inland water or waterscapes as opposed...

22nd June 2011

How Painting In Oil May Need To Exclude Things

When a photographer takes pictures he or she has to include whatever is in front of the lens (notwithstanding the limited possibility of some tricks to avoid things). In oil painting, as in the use of other mediums, that is definitely not the case, and ...