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04th July 2009

The durable phone that is the Samsung B2100 Solid Extreme Black

The Samsung B2100 Solid Extreme Black is a phone built with durability in mind. Its tough exterior casing provides resistance to a number of possible issues, such as shock and water. Although it is built with a tough exterior its functionality is impressi...

04th July 2009

Create your own music with the Samsung M7600 Beat DJ

So many phones in the current mobile phone market are remarkably similar. They have similar functions and features, but generally it's their visual appeal that makes the difference. However, the Samsung M7600 Beat DJ is a phone with a unique selling point...

04th July 2009

The release of the Sony Ericsson Idou is eagerly anticipated

The Sony Ericsson Idou is due for release in the 3rd quarter of 2009. It is a visually attractive mobile phone with a whole host of features that will no doubt prove popular. Its aim is obviously to bring a phone to the mobile market which is appreciated ...

04th July 2009

The stylish Sony Ericsson W508 flip phone comes of age

The Sony Ericsson W508 Grey is a phone which endeavours to provide its user with a veritable choice of features under a stylish design concept. It appeals to a wide variety of people because it caters by way of its advanced features, which provides many o...

27th June 2009

The Acer DX960 Tempo is unleashed

The Acer DX960 Tempo is a phone recently released by Acer. The new generation of Acer phones are a comprehensive built and functional mobile phone which has already attracted a great deal of attention. This coupled with the smart almost notebook look of t...

27th June 2009

The impressive HTC Touch Diamond 2 continues to dominate

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is an impressive mobile phone which is packed full of features. Its large touch screen is the centre piece of this mobile phone and provides vibrant images that provide an effective means to access all the functions. In some ways t...

27th June 2009

The LG GD900 Crystal brings a new meaning to the word transparency

The LG GD900 Crystal is a phone which has looks that get noticed. Its transparent parts provide a futuristic feel to its whole demeanour. Its styling is not its only virtue, it's also packed full of useful and exciting features as well. Its release is eag...

27th June 2009

The LG KM900 Arena Pink is the ultimate fashion accessory

The LG KM900 Arena Pink is a phone which exudes class. Its distinctive looks and stylish demeanour have endeared this phone to many people. It's packed full of functionality and is winning favour with many for its simple and unassuming means of use. The p...

27th June 2009

The Nokia 5330 Red is simply the best

The Nokia 5330 Red is a phone which lacks nothing. Nokia, as always listen to the baying crowd of mobile phone users and has provided a handset which encompasses all the elements that are popular. The only shame is that is not available until the 3rd quar...

27th June 2009

The Nokia E63 Black offers help to the busy consumer

The Nokia E63 Black is the third of the series of this phone with other colour variants including red and blue editions already available. The phone is an innovative phone which in some ways looks nothing like a typical modern day mobile phone, as its fro...

27th June 2009

The Nokia N86 8MP brings clarity and form to the mobile phone market

The Nokia N86 8MP is an impressive looking handset. Its sleek lines are synonymous with Nokia's elegant designs in other handsets. It's a simple but effective look that hides a wealth of functions that are somewhat surprising when you dig deep into the fe...

27th June 2009

The Samsung Tocco Lite is a comprehensive handset which superb features

The Samsung Tocco lite is a beautifully crafted mobile phone, its sleek design and steely look slips into the palm with ease and an air of sophistication. This phone which is also known as the Star, provides a suitably stunning look but without the costs ...

27th June 2009

Tough and durable, introducing the Sonim XP3 Yellow

The Sonim XP3 Yellow is not the most stylish phone on the market. Its looks are akin to a satellite navigation unit, such as a Magellan or something of its ilk. However there is a reason for this, it's simply a functional phone that is probably the most d...

27th June 2009

The simply stunning Sony Ericsson W995 has it all

The Sony Ericsson W995 provides a very comprehensive mobile phone. Its main features are based on a tried and tested method that has won Sony many admirers. The phone revolves around its media capabilities, namely its latest Walkman offering, which is ver...

19th June 2009

The Apple iPhone 3G S 16GB White delivers the complete package

The Apple iPhone 3G S 16GB White is a colour variant of the updated iPhone, as the name suggests. It's packed full of innovative features and still retains the exquisite styling that has made the iPhone such a revered mobile phone. From its TFT display sc...