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Austin TX Independent Media
The Austin Free Press is something brand-new and stimulating around Austin.
It is absolutely free media, not only on-line but also in a hardcopy edition
quickly expanding, it welcomes contributors who've been disenfranchised by mass media and other Austin area papers.
is undoubtedly receptive to contributors who have something vital to say and want to articulate it.
Covering a broad gamut of topics through editorials, compelling investigative journalism together with imaginative input through the form of political satire cartoons, music and even videos, The Austin Free Press features one particular unifying theme and that is the liberty message.

For the most part mass media is actually owned by about 6 companies. The Austin Free Press is owned by 1 independence minded individual.

Mass media lies line by line, sentence by sentence, utterance by utterance. These people report what they are instructed to report. They do not have any soul aside from the green Fed Reserve Notes circulating thru their veins.

They usually do not represent exactly what freedom of speech was reserved for.
it's all concerning the objective of the inalienable rights to freedom of speech and free press called for through the First Amendment.
It is about reclaiming the branch of government that the media ought to be. branch of government as well as the replacement of it with a enormous lieing monstrosity also known as mass media
is what has all but obliterated any kind ofauthentic liberty and freedom inside what once was a strong Republic...essentially a couple of great republics... Texas and America.

Matt Wood is the founder of the Austin Free Press and he is a bona fide patriot efficiently as well as tirelessly

Whereas some city papers are generally routine and also unimportant, The Austin Free Press

Read and help pass out the Austin Free Press. Speak out! The Austin Free Press is going to be here to help you

get your story discovered so a great number of people are able to see it and be moved by way of it and thus all of us peacefully establish the 2nd great American Revolution

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