Attention - Are You Taking Care Of Your Skin?

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Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and it is very important that we start taking better care of it. I came from a family of hair stylist my Mother and her two sisters all owned beauty salons, and sold skin care products in their salons. I followed in their foot steps and owned two salons myself. I had a facial room in my salon and took extended classes on the proper techniques of caring for my clients skin. I always felt it was my job not only to care for their skin when they came in, but to educated them on how to continue a skin care routine at home.

Proper skin care is important in order to keep our skin healthy. Learning to apply sun screen daily is a very important to any skin care routine, not just to the face but on all exposed area's of your body. Younger people seem to forget this, and I admit that when I was younger I baked in the sun for hours, and used butter, and baby oil to tan.

I am older now and much wiser. After just finding out that my father and my first cousin are both suffering skin cancers I want to try to get the message out, please don't forget to take care of your skin now because later may just be to late.

The skins functions to help eliminate the body's waste by sweating which rids the body of toxins. The skin actually breathes and if the pores get clogged by sebum being released it can lead to problems like acne and blackheads.

There are three basic skin types, oily, dry, and combination. Most of us have a mixture of these three types. Oily skin has a shine to it and is more prone to having blackheads and acne. This is because oily skin produces more sebum that keeps the skin from drying out, but also attracts more dust and dirt. Soap and water is the best action to take for getting rid of extra oil and dirt. Use warm water to wash and open pores and loosen the dirt. Rinse with cool water to close the pores. Toners and astringents containing alcohol is a good choice for oily skin. Use a lite non greasy moisturizer, For very oily skin moisturizer is not needed.

People with dry skin are less likely to have acne, but dry skin chaps easily and feels tight and stretched. On this type of skin use mild and alcohol free make up and toner. You will want to use a rich creamy cleanser, Use a rich moisturizer daily.

Combination skin is what most of us have where the T-Zone forehead, nose, and chin, are oily and cheeks, neck and eyes are dry. You do not have to buy special products for both types of skin. Just use full strength on oily areas and dilute with water on the dry areas.

I recommend that you steam your face twice a week, and on those nights add a facial mask that is targets your skin type.

The best way to care for your skin is to follow a daily routine that include a morning and evening routine that starts with cleaning the skin and then using the proper moisturizer for your skin type and make sure that it as at lease a 15% SPF to protect skin from sun damage that could lead cancer.

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Cynthia was a respiratory therapist who is also a cancer survivor. She went own to become a master hair stylist and make up artist who owned two beauty salons. She is a body builder and loves helping others become the best they can be. Her we site is dedicated to helping others to reach their goals

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