Athletic Hair Styles - Types & Ideas

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Double braids - work well with medium to longer hair lengths as they both keep the hair out of the face and off of the neck. Using a comb, trace a straight part down the back of the head and protected one of the two sections with an elastic band. Start braiding by separating the remaining part of hair into three equal sections. Braid hair by alternately pulling each of the outside sections of hair toward the center, over the center part. Continue braiding hair pending only an inch or two remains at the bottom of the braid. Fasten the end with an elastic hair band and repeat for the second braid. For best results, braid hair while it is still moist from the shower unless sporting events are during cold winter months. (Consider doing this same style with French braids if you know how.) Using stretchy headbands, pull hair back from forehead and tie it up into a elevate ponytail for the best and easiest off the neck, out-of-the-eyes style. Elastic bands work best for ponytails because synthetic and metal clips can sometimes reason injure if sporting accidents occur.

Mini-braid mania - Using little rubber bands made mainly for hair, braid bangs or front part of hair split into tiny sections, one by one. Depending on hair's extent and personal preferences, braid one or two rows and attach the rest back into a ponytail. For those with much time on their hands or a whole bunch of friends to help out, braid the whole head! If desired, use hairspray or gel to strengthen the hold. Think using an plastic headband or other alternative to keep braids against the top of your head and off of your face.

Pre-wrap, also known as under wrap, traditionally serves as a soft and cozy barrier between athletic tape and the athlete's skin when a trainer tapes up his or her injuries. It is designed to keep the tape from chafing and sticking to the athlete's skin. For years if not decades, athletes have been swiping strips of pre-wrap and using them as headbands to keep their hair out of their eyes and off their faces while playing sports. College athletes, teenager athletes, football players, softball players, field hockey players, runners and just about any female athletes around pleasure the seem and sense of pre-wrap in their hair before, during and after an athletic incidence.

Pre-wrap is colorful, simple to utilize, inexpensive, and best of all, it works. Foamy and stretchy, the pre-wrap elemental sticks to itself, which means it doesn't slip like normal headbands. This makes it ideal for use as low-cost, versatile headband. You can buy pre-wrap at most sporting goods stores and online. Pre-wrap is sold in rolls for about $2 or $3, where just one roll can associate to 50 or additional headbands! Most athletic leagues forbid the utilize of hair accessories with the exclusion of flexible ponytail holders. Many leagues, however, permit the employ of pre-wrap.

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