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Sun, Planets, Stars, and Destiny, these four words are different from each other and if we interconnect these words then we will we find a new word but as old as the age of Vedas and i.e. ,"ASTROLOGY”.

In this fast going world , where the words success, power, achievements etc, exist in the same world the words like fate, destiny, luck etc, also avail. Everyone in this huge world , get and loose according to his decided destiny, and to know about destiny, the only word we use is…………………,”ASTROLOGY”.

Vaastu consultancy, Indian Horoscope reading, Numerology, Palmistry, Astrology, Future prediction, Capital market prediction, Match making, Remedies, Rashi gem stone, Pooja paddati, KP method, Yantra, colour therapy, color therapy, Horoscope Prediction, Face reading expert.

Pandit Rajendra Purohit, a renowned astrologer, numerologist, and a great face reader. He is serving people since 1982 with this invaluable gift of God named Astrology. He inculcated the feeling of faith in astrology among the people of India and for this he is being honoured and praised many a times by the people of India. Infect he got the membership in, "All India Federation of Astrologers society". He also started a newspaper of astrology in some areas of Rajasthan (India).

Apart, he is also honoured by the title, "PRACHARYA" (Delhi) and he is also the master of great astrology named, "Krishna Murti Paddati", through which one can get his future know even without his horoscope. It is his the biggest achievement and honour ever received in this field. Today with the God’s grace, he is not stick himself to this limit only but spread his area all over the world in the fields of Vedic astrology, numerology, face reading, palmistry, stone therapy and color therapy etc.

And today with the love and blessings of people, he is here to share his experience of 25 years with you all people and along with his sharing, he wishes to have a share in your problems, so he can help you people with his huge experience of predicting future through astrology and its various ways.

It is his privilege to take all your problems upon himself and in return it will be his pleasure to give you all the happiness and joys in your life.

So, come and lets begin your feet in the world of future with none other than, a great astrologer and the master of K.P. PADDATI, Pt.Rajendra Purohit and make the best use of his services.

91.9 FM Radio channel
Pt. Rajendra Purohit introduce himself on 91.9 FM radio channel in Jodhpur Rajasthan. Live program released on every Sunday 11 AM to 2 PM. He provides solution to public problem regarding Horoscope, Vaastu dosha, future prediction and individual matters.

Article ship in various Indian newspaper
Pt. Rajendra Purohit writes article for various Indian famous newspapers like Rajasthan patrika, Dainik Bhasker, Jalte deep and jansatta. He predicts daily rashiphal, shubh time in newspaper.

Article ship online
Pt. Rajendra Purohit is member of regular online articles.

News paper publishing
Pt. Rajendra Purohit owns press and publish fortnight newspaper named “Hind Karz ”. This newspaper is working from Jodhpur Rajasthan since 2006. Capital market trend, Gold, silver, metal position prediction and investment solution are the main topic of this newspaper. There are more than 4000 readers in all Rajasthan.

Learn Astrology
Pt. Rajendra Purohit shares his knowledge and give education of astrology on special recommendation at very nominal charges. The Subjects are Numerology, Palmistry, traditional k.P. astrology and palmistry in seprate sections. Its all of behalf of regular and correspondence.

All India Federation of Astrologers society Membership
Pt. Rajendra purohit is the member of all India federation of astrologers society. He gives astrology service on national level through society.

Related Services
Pt. Rajendra purohit provides Annual prediction chart ( Varshfal ), Mahurat time, short term or complete prediction, Dasha gyan and various vaastu scenerio.


Pandit Rajendra purohit provides consultancy regarding Vaastu, Horoscope, Numerology, Palmistry, Astrology, Future prediction, Capital market prediction, Match making, Remedies, Rashi gem stone, Pooja paddati, KP method, Yantra and color therapy.

Indian Astrology
Indian Astrology, called the Jyotish, is universal and timeless. Jyotisha is one of the most time-tested and oldest systems of astrology in the world. In Western countries, it is called Vedic astrology, which refers to Indian or Hindu astrology.
Indian Astrology originated from Vedic Scriptures, dating back at least ten to twenty thousand years. The Vedas the oldest books of the world library. They are the world’s most ancient scriptures and the most vast, complete system of knowledge known to man. Thus, Indian Astrology is the science of understanding the subtle influences that come to us from the greater universe.
Indian astrology reflects the understanding and experience of ancient spiritual teachers regarding the facts of life. The genesis of Indian culture is rooted in the Vedic Hymns which date back before the dawn of civilization, and were preserved as they passed from father to son and Guru to disciple.

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