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The recent declarations made by the Gazprom, The China National Petroleum Corp. has agreed to sign a contract for three decades, aimed to produce 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas per annum from the Gazprom. They also articulated, the Gazprom will work together with China National Petroleum Corp. on gas chemical plant and memoranda was signed between Dmitry Medvedev , the President of Russia and Hu Jintao in China . The memorandum was on take or pay, which an agreement made on the volume of the gas yielded for three decades and if a particular nation requires more than what is pre-written, it should pay, this policy is followed in the Europe.
A novel natural gas project has been unveiled in Turkmenistan, aimed to enrich the natural gas resources in the Central Asia and to increase the volume of the natural gas delivered to China.

Gurbanguli Berdymukhamedov, the president of the Turkmenistan in the inaugural function of the natural gas station declared that, these natural gas resources will yield 60 million cubic meters of natural gas every day and a lionís share of the yield will be delivered to China. China has emerged as the largest vendor of the Turkmenistan natural gas for the past couple of years and the pipeline which bridges between the two countries will be completely loaded with natural gas and it hopes the amount of natural gas transferred to will be 40 billion cubic meters within 2015.

The Beijing Development and Reforming Office declared that, from the last week of September 2010, the price of the natural gas will be increased for the for non-residents to $0.04 per meter cube, the price of the gas for the industrial consumption will result to $0.42 increase per meter cube, for gas filling station it will be $0.33 and for natural gas plants it will be $0.34 increase. The price of the natural gas can be altered by the Municipal government since the consumption of the natural gas varies according to place and time.
The recent announcement made by the functionary of the China National Petroleum Corp, revealed that the price of the natural gas delivered to the industrial, commercial and private use is made same. The company also focused on the versatile categories which prevail in various parts of the China and the supply of the natural gas can be relieved for few companies that produce chemical fertilizers and electrical power. If there is high demand for natural gas, the China National Petroleum Corpís finds alternate resources for natural gas which reduces the transportation charges.

The complete info about investing in energy, energy investments, investments in energy is found in the site Natural gas News . The erection of the refinery was financed by the states $2.6 billion debt package, a document penned and proposed by the Egyptian Refining Company.

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